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10k Apart. Inspiring the Web with Just 10k. Brought to you by Microsoft and An Event Apart.
10k Apart | CSS-Tricks
This year is An Event Apart's 10th anniversary. In order to celebrate, they are putting on competition called 10K Apart where people show off what can be.
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10k Apart. Inspiring the Web with Just 10k. Brought to you by Microsoft and An Event Apart.
10k Apart: 10k Slides | Hans Sprecher | Adventuring Software Developer
10k Apart serves as an inspiration in a time when many pages weigh 1000 times that (really, 10mb). 10k Slides is a browser-based presentation application that uses no libraries.
10k Apart - Inspiring the Web with Just... | Blog of Leonid Mamchenkov
I can't wait to see the submissions and all the ways to squeeze the awesomeness of the modern web into just 10 kilobytes. This reminds me of the Perl Golf posts over at PerlMonks and Assembly PC 64K...
My little 10k Apart project page...
10k Apart. Wayne Roddy. This is my page for the 10k Apart Contest.
10K Apart - All Markup News.
The 10K Apart Challenge had a simple premise: Could you build a complete web application using That we may trace the predecessor of the 10K Apart—the 5K Awards—to a time almost exactly a...
GitHub - ckimrie/10k-apart-space-fighter: A canvas & JS space game...
Canvas & JS space game under 10kb for the 10k Apart competition. Optimised for touch and mobile, but fully functional with keyboard and mouse.
Another 10k Apart: Create a Website in 10 KB, Win Prizes!
It gives us great pleasure to announce the 2016 10k Apart competition. Create a fully functioning website in 10 KB or less! Amaze your friends!
Here are the winners of Microsoft's 10K Apart web page contest
Microsoft and An Event Apart partnered up to offer prizes for people who managed to build a website with only 10kb per page. Finally, we have our winners.
10k apart | Dimme development
10k apart. So i found this contest on the internet. Called 10k apart. So i setup a Jekyll setup and started coding. The basic template is far beyond 10k so i got rid of it all.
10K Apart - Media Queries
Media Queries. 10K Apart.
10K Apart - WMPoweruser
Microsoft announces 10k Apart contest for web developers. Back in 2010, Microsoft revived the idea by partnering with An Event Apart with an updated limit and a new name: 10k Apart.
10K Apart - An Event Apart + Mix Online | 10k.aneventapart.c… | Flickr Uploaded with Realmac Software's LittleSnapper .
10k Apart - Admire The Web
Admire the Web. Tags. 10k Apart. 9 years ago.
Semaphore: A 10k Apart entry powered by SVG, CSS, and... - MOR10
Can 10kB of SVG, CSS, and JavaScript produce a compelling web experience? This 10k Apart entry explores the edges of modern web technologies and Semaphore.
Creating my 10k Apart entry—Shane Hudson
This years 10K Apart is about creating a good experience on the web while focussing on progressive enhancement and small page sizes. Creating my 10k Apart entry. Published on October 05, 2016.
10K Apart Archives - Microsoft Edge Blog
10K Apart. Mobile. Announcing the winners of the 2016 10k Apart contest. Mobile. Building in 10k: Designing for Optimization and Performance.
10k Apart : less is more... - teulliac
Le concours 10k Apart s'est récemment achevé avec la victoire de Hakim El Hattab, développeur pour une agence interactive à Stockholm, pour son jeu Sinuous. Qu'est-ce que le 10k Apart ?