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Polyglot (computing) - Wikipedia
In computing, a polyglot is a computer program or script written in a valid form of multiple programming languages, which performs the same operations or output independent of the programming language used to compile or interpret it.
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Polyglot: перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры...
Перевод слова polyglot, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция polyglot dictionary — многоязычный словарь the polyglot Bible — библия с текстом на нескольких языках.
polyglot - Wiktionary
Borrowed from Ancient Greek πολύγλωττος (polúglōttos, "many-tongued, polyglot"), Attic form of πολύγλωσσος (polúglōssos), from πολύς (polús, "many") + γλῶττα (glôtta, "tongue, language"). poly- +‎ -glot. IPA(key): /ˈpɒliːɡlɒt/. polyglot (not comparable). Versed in, or speaking, many languages.
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Polyglot | Definition of Polyglot by Merriam-Webster
Polyglot definition is - one who is polyglot. Polyglot itself entered English in the 17th century, both as an adjective and as a noun meaning "one who can write or speak several languages."
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polyglot¶. Polyglot is a natural language pipeline that supports massive multilingual applications.
Polyglot Meaning | Best 18 Definitions of Polyglot
What does polyglot mean? The definition of polyglot is a text that has been translated into multiple languages, or a person who knows multiple la...
What Is a Polyglot? 5 Tips on How to Become a Polyglot
According to Dictionary.com polyglot is simply "a person who speaks, writes, or reads a number of languages." I am, for example, a polyglot because I speak, write and read many different languages.
Polyglot - definition of polyglot by The Free Dictionary
Define polyglot. polyglot synonyms, polyglot pronunciation, polyglot translation, English dictionary definition of polyglot. adj. Speaking, writing, written in, or composed of several languages. n. 1...
How to Become a Polyglot (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Being a polyglot means learning at least 4 languages and being able to use them in conversation. The easiest way to pick up multiple languages is to master similar languages 1 at a time.