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Reorder the factors in the terms 3(2n).
По заданной формуле n-го члена вычислите первые 5 членов...
А) Yn=3-2n Б) Yn= 2n^2-n В) Yn=n^3-1 Г) Yn=3n-12n.
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One way of doing so is to show that the equation $(3/2)^n \geq c$ has infinitely many solutions for $n$. You have to prove this is not the case. Let's first rearrange your definition of $O(2^n)$ a little
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(4n-1) = 3n^2 For All Positive Integers N. (4n-1) = 3n^2 for all positive integers n.
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n^3+2n=n(n^2+2) 1)n=3m->n^3+2n=3m(9m^2+2)-кратно 3 2)n=3m+1-> n^3+2n=(3m+1)(9m 2+2m+1)->кратно 3 3)n=3m+2-> n^3+2=(3m+2)(9m^2+12m+4+2)=3(3m+2){3m^2+4m+2)->кратно 3.
Химические формулы таблица
BaN6. Азид кадмия. Cd(N3)2. CsN3. Азот. N2. Азотистая кислота. HNO2.
3 H2 + N2 2 NH3 - Balanced equation | Chemical Equations online!
Solved and balanced chemical equation 3 H2 + N2 → 2 NH3 with completed products. Application for completing products and balancing equations.
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14.6k77 gold badges4141 silver badges6767 bronze badges. I can't understand how the -n has anything to do with this formula? I understand how it got from this (n/1)+(n/2)+...+(n/n) to H(n)...
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2NO2- + 3H2O + 4e = N2O + 6OH NH2OH + 2H2O + 2e = NH4OH + 2OH-. +0.42. H2N2O2 + 6H+ + 4e = 2NH3OH+.