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Futuremark 3DMark Vantage v1.1.3. Latest. February 7th, 2014 - What's New. x86/x64 single core CPU with SSE2 support. Performance similar to Intel Pentium D 3.2GHz or better. Fully D3D10/SM4. compliant graphics card, 256MB.
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3DMark Vantage is a DirectX 10 video card benchmark test for Windows Vista. It includes the Jane Nash and New Calico graphics tests, an AI test, a physics test and six feature tests. PCMark Vantage. PC performance benchmarking with system and component level tests for Windows Vista.
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The 3DMark.com Overclocking Hall of Fame is the official home of 3DMark world record scores.
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FutureMark 3DMark Vantage download (DX10) is the latest addition the 3DMark benchmark series built by FutureMark corporation. ... A Free Trial key allows you to test the benchmark with a single run. Guru3D has written a small 3DMark Vantage use Guide right here.
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Video Card Benchmark for DirectX 10 on Windows3DMark Vantage is the industry standard performance benchmark for DirectX 10 gaming PCs. It includes two...
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3DMark Vantage is a DirectX 10 video card benchmark test for Windows Vista that measures PC gaming performance. 3DMark Vantage uses a native DirectX 10 engine...
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3D mark vantage is one of the popular DirectX 10 benchmark program designed to measure the performance of your PC using advanced APIs to provide accurate You can change the rendering resolution and quality presets for immersive and desired results. Overview of 3DMark Vantage.
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Download 3DMark Vantage 1.1.3 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now. 3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming performance benchmark from Futuremark, newly designed for Windows Vista and DirectX10.
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3DMark Vantage is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.
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Download 3DMark Vantage and check your card. Benchmark applications are very popular among hardcore gamers because they allow them to estimate the... 3DMark Vantage is a suite that allows us to measure the general performance of our graphics card and its capacity to run 3D games.
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Download 3DMark Vantage - 3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming benchmark, designed for Windows Vista and DirectX 10. A 3DMark score is an overall measure of your system's 3D gaming capabilities, based on comprehensive real-time 3D graphics and processor tests.
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this is ma result for this test P9911 and here is the link http://3dmark.com/3dmv/3842754 am using the beta driver for the gpu which is...