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In computer architecture, 8-bit integers, memory addresses, or other data units are those that are 8 bits (1 octet) wide. Also, 8-bit CPU and ALU architectures are those that are based on registers...
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23.02 | 20:00 GameGate Chiptune/8bit @Успех Всех жду на деловой чиптюн восемьбит движ, будем с друзьями играть со старых нинтенд свое модное в узких кругах музло...
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Post the best 8-bit music around! Rules Finished my 8-bit version of Promised Land from Final Fantasy VII, took forever to edit dynamics into 8-bit! (youtube.com).
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8bit Tournament. автор: Oblio. 8bit Adventure. автор: Tenacious Orchestra.
Urban Dictionary: 8-bit
8-bit. Refers to the size of the internal registers of the CPUs used in the early days of personal computers and gaming consoles. It does not refer solely to NES or any single computer.
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8-bit music, also known as chiptune music, is the video game music of the 1990s or earlier. 8 bit music is small in size due to hardware limitations, and sound very simple, pure. This type of music can be...
8-Bit, 10-Bit, What Does It All Mean for Your Videos? | B&H Explora
8-bit video is prone to banding when you start manipulating areas that require a smooth gradient of color. A sunset is a great example because you may see moments where it jumps from one color to...