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An antidote is a substance that can counteract a form of poisoning. The term ultimately derives from the Greek term φάρμακον ἀντίδοτον (pharmakon) antidoton, "(medicine) given as a remedy". Antidotes for anticoagulants are sometimes referred to as reversal agents.
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Antidote. Travis Scott. Produced by Eestbound and WondaGurl, "Antidote" was not initially intended to appear on Rodeo, as confirmed on Travis' SoundCloud on June 23 This is for the real fans; the…
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Перевод слова antidote, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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Antidote is a punk band from the Netherlands, est. 1996. Visit the site to see the complete show Antidote has been a great band to play in. We have traveled a lot, met many cool people, seen great...
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Travis Scott-Antidote — (SAYMYNAME REMIX)final 03:51. Разные исполнители — Antidote (clean) (Complete version originally performed by Travis Scott) 04:23.
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Antidote definition is - a remedy to counteract the effects of poison. How to use antidote in a sentence. 2 : something that relieves, prevents, or counteracts an antidote to boredom.
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Travi$ Scott - Antidote. Antidote. Travi$ Scott. 04:22.
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Show declension of antidote. antidote ( plural antidotes). verb antidote (third-person singular simple present antidotes, present participle antidoting, simple past and past participle antidoted).
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Made in response to the times we are living in, THE ANTIDOTE is a feature documentary that weaves together stories of kindness, decency, and the power of community in America.
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antidote definition: 1. a chemical, especially a drug, that limits the effects of a poison: 2. a way of preventing or…. Meaning of antidote in English.
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Antidote. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning.[1] The term ultimately derives from the Greek (φάρμακον) ἀντίδοτον (pharmakon)...
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From Latin antidotum, from Ancient Greek ἀντίδοτον (antídoton), neuter of ἀντίδοτος (antídotos, "given as a remedy for"), from ἀντιδίδωμι (antidídōmi, "I give in return, repay"), from ἀντί (antí, "against") + δίδωμι (dídōmi, "I give"). Compare French antidote.
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Antidote definition, a medicine or other remedy for counteracting the effects of poison, disease, etc. to counteract with an antidote: Medication was given to antidote the poison the child had swallowed.
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Antidote definition: An antidote is a chemical substance that stops or controls the effect of a poison. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Antidote, Jarry, Guadeloupe. 10,914 likes · 42 talking about this · 63 were here. See more of Antidote on Facebook.
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Define antidote. antidote synonyms, antidote pronunciation, antidote translation, English dictionary definition of antidote. a remedy for counteracting a poison or disease: She was given an antidote...
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Find 15 ways to say antidote, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
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Antidote by Yaima, released 29 December 2018 1. En 2. Rise 3. Antidote 4. Morpho 5. Ke Ahi 6. Odonata Cinis 11. Iskra Yaima's third album "Antidote" (2018) was carefully crafted as a journey, a...