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Asia (/ˈeɪʒə, ˈeɪʃə/ (listen)) is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. It shares the continental landmass of Eurasia with the continent of Europe and the continental landmass of Afro-Eurasia with both Europe and Africa.
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Asia, the world's largest and most diverse continent. It occupies the eastern four-fifths of the Asia has both the highest and the lowest points on the surface of Earth, has the longest coastline of any...
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Asia is too massive and diverse to conceptualize as a single digestible travel "destination". Even defining the borders of this continent is difficult - from the mountains around the Black Sea in the west, to the snow fields of Siberia in the east, there are more people and cities in Asia than outside of it.
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Asia Tourism: Tripadvisor has 47,316,675 reviews of Asia Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants Asia Tourism: Best of Asia. Start planning for Asia. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel...
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Asia is the world's largest continent by land area and population, home to 4.4 billion people, more than half of the world's population. The continent is too massive and diverse to conceptualize as a single digestible travel "destination".
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Asia/Continent of Asia/Asia Geography. Субтитры. Содержание.
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Asia. Asia is a very large region, making its culture incredibly rich and diverse. You can visit a country as ultramodern as Japan, or as oppressed and history-filled as the Middle East.
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Facts about Asia Continent. Asia contains most of the Earth's deserts: from Arabia (Saudi Arabia) Asia contains 11 time zones. Asians were also the inventors of paper, gunpowder, compass and...
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Over the last few years, Russia has made a major shift eastward, focusing both its economic and foreign policy on countries in the Asia Pacific region.
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Countries by Continents: Asia. Countries of Asia. The gilded stupas of the Shwedagon Pagoda complex in Yangon after sunset.
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Asia is the largest continent in the world in terms of both land area and population. It covers around 17 million square miles and is home to over four billion individuals.
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From Ancient Greek Ἀσῐ́ᾱ (Asíā), from Mycenaean Greek 𐀀𐀯𐀹𐀊 (a-si-wi-ja /aswijaː/), in turn probably from Hittite 𒀸𒋗𒉿 (aš-šu-wa /Aššuwa/, "northwest Anatolia") of uncertain origin. Potentially from a Aegean language family substrate or Akkadian; for more see its ancestors.
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