Atlaskit by Atlassian
Atlaskit. Atlassian's official UI library, built according to the Atlassian Design System. Check out the documentation and usage guides for the Atlaskit packages. Atlassian Design System.
Atlaskit by Atlassian
Atlaskit is a collection of reusable packages designed for Atlassian products and experiences, comprising the Atlassian Design System, Atlassian Editor, Atlassian Media and other packages.
GitHub - yancymin/AtlasKit: AtlasKit is the technical implementation of...
Each component is also independently versioned and published to npm. The full list of components can be found in the AtlasKit Registry. This project is bound by a Code of …
atlaskit/editor-core - npm
A package contains Atlassian editor core functionality. @atlaskit/editor-core. 137.0.0 • Public • Published 3 days ago.
Building User Interfaces of Atlassian Apps with Atlaskit and AUI
Basicall y , Atlaskit and AUI are UI component libraries which help implement Atlassian Design Guidelines and maintain seamless user experience throughout all the Atlassian software .
atlassian / Atlaskit / support-editor-cq-advanced-styles — Bitbucket
refactor(component): initial refactor of editor-cq to prosemirror-upgrade branch affects: @atlaskit/editor-cq.
Prototype Atlassian apps with the Atlaskit UI kit - Justinmind
Atlaskit is a set of guidelines that helps designers and developers modify and tailor Atlassian's products to the needs of specific companies. They come with instructions for how to design elements...
Package - @atlaskit/editor-bitbucket
Atlassian Editor component for Bitbucket. Please use @atlaskit/editor-core instead. This component provides a packaged version of the Atlassian Editor for use in Bitbucket Cloud.
atlaskit/editor-common 55.2.1 on npm -
@atlaskit/editor-common Release 55.2.1. Atlaskit is the technical implementation of the Atlassian Design Guidelines. It is a collection of reusable components that can be downloaded independently...
Package - @atlaskit/editor-common
@atlaskit/editor-common. A package that contains common classes and components for editor and renderer.
atlaskit/editor Core examples - CodeSandbox
@atlaskit/editor Core Examples. Learn how to use @atlaskit/editor Core by viewing and forking @atlaskit/editor Core example apps on CodeSandbox.
Atlaskit by Made with React
Atlaskit. Atlaskit is the Atlassian's official UI library, built according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines.
React and Atlaskit in Atlassian Server/Data center apps.
Hello! In this article I would like to provide a solution on how to use React and Atlaskit in Atlassian Server/Data center Atlassian apps. Intro Currently, if you develop an app for Atlassian Sever/Data...
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Главная страница — AtlasKit — душевные деревянные игрушки. 189 B. 2018‑02‑06. Add .editorconfig to easily configure standard editor settings. .eslintignore.
atlaskit/editor-test-helpers: Docs & Reviews | Openbase
eth. @atlaskit/editor-test-helpers. ●. by Precio Fishbone. Test Helpers for Atlassian Editor components. License: Apache-2.0●Types: Bundled.
Open source collaborative text editors
That's still two editors, a choice to make - and it would be nice to see somewhat objectively which one is a better fit. Figure 5: A demo of Atlaskit Editor's real-time editing capabilities.
Use ReactJS & AtlasKit in Jira Server Add on - YouTube
You often asked yourself, how can I use React JS and AtlasKit in Jira Server Add-on, where Velocity template, and Jira AUI are used instead.Mmmmm...
Atlaskit Alternatives and Similar Software -
Atlaskit is Atlassian's official UI library for React. The UI components are Atlassian Design Guidelines(ADG) compliant, reusable, well-maintained and accessible.
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@atlaskit/editor-confluence-transformer (latest: 8.1.6) Editor Confluence Transformer. @atlaskit/media-avatar-picker (latest: 22.1.4) A component to select, drag and resize image avatars.
Yjs Atlaskit Example
This is a demo of Yjs ⇔ Atlaskit Editor. The content of this editor is shared with every client that visits this domain.
Welcome to atlaskit's documentation! — atlaskit 1.0.0 documentation
Welcome to atlaskit's documentation!¶ Indices and tables¶.
This is Atlassian's new editor (it's open source) https... | Sprout
Atlaskit by Atlassian.
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