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Audi travolution: vehicle to traffic light communication system reduces...
/ Audi travolution: vehicle to t... Audi's travolution project sets up a dialogue between vehicles and traffic lights. View 5 Images.
How Audi's Travolution Device Will Work | HowStuffWorks
Audi's travolution device let's your car change traffic lights. With Audi's Travolution system, intelligent traffic lights talk to each other and cars talk to traffic lights, all to the benefit of human drivers.
Audi travolution Project Explained - autoevolution
The automotive world and technology go hand in hand when it comes to developing efficient solutions for urban driving, and Audi's travolution project is just the thing to prove this.
Audi travolution: More developments | Car News | Auto123
As reported by Audi. Building highly efficient cars is one aspect of Audi's 'Vorsprung durch Technik' - making sure that they can be used for efficient journeys is another.
Audi demonstrating Travolution vehicle to infrastructure... | Autoblog
Audi Travolution - Click above for high-res image gallery. This week Audi has been demonstrating its Travolution technology on a fleet of test vehicles near its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany.
Audi Travolution System Can Talk To Traffic Signals, Helping The...
Audi travolution: efficiently through the city. * Communication between traffic signals and cars lowers emissions * Audi presents further 'travolution' project developments * Test drives for journalists and...
Audi 'travolution' syncs cars to traffic lights, saves fuel - Roadshow
Audi' "travolution" technology is being tested in 15 test vehicles and 25 sets of traffic lights in Audi. Essentially, travolution syncs cars with traffic lights, and uses an adaptive algorithm to tell the driver...
Audi Travolution Project Predicts Red Traffic Lights | Gadget Review
The Travolution system, co-developed by Audi and traffic management experts, informs the driver of the time remaining until a red light turns green. It then calculates and displays the speed the car must...
Efficient urban driving - the Audi travolution project | Audi MediaCenter
travolution - Warning to avoid red light violation. Image No: AU100477 Copyright: AUDI AG Rights: Use for editorial purposes free of charge.
Futuretech: Audi's Travolution System Connects Cars for More...
Audi's engineers are hoping they can ease traffic with the latest development of what's called travolution, an attempt to link cars to each other and traffic lights.
Audi Travolution technology to reduce fuel consumption -
The main focus for Audi Travolution technology, which currently in development, is to lower CO2 Audi Travolution encourages smart driving to reduce consumption. What Audi found during their...
Audi Travolution (2009) | HD Pictures @ Automobilesreview
Audi Travolution photos with close-ups of the exterior and interior of the car. View all 4 hd pictures of this model.
Audi Travolution - Green Car Photos, News... - Green Car Reports
Audi Travolution. Audi Continues Development Of Fuel-Saving Travolution Traffic System.
Audi revolution - AudiWorld Forums
Does anyone have any news on what is happening with the Audi revolution forums? There is a ton of content related to the V10's and of late that site has been down quite a bit, in fact its down right now and I...