BFK3.1. BFK3.1. Home page. Products. Evaluation board based on the BE-T1000 processor.
Русский CPU Байкал ОС Альт 9. Нифёд... | | Красвью
(BE-T1000, BFK3.1). Просмотры. 45. За сегодня.
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Independent Tests of Baikal-T1 — the first Russia's 28 nm...
This will significantly accelerate and simplify the process of creating one's own hardware and software solutions based on BFK 3.1 boards and Baikal-T1 SoCs.
Baikal T1 MIPS Processor - The Last of the Mohicans?
The BFK 3.1 is a sub-uATX board ‒ namely of the flexATX factor ‒ a bit larger than mini-ITX, which means it's compact ‒ not RPi compact, mind you, but still compact for a...
Русский Cpu Байкал. Анбоксинг И Подключение. Плак-плак.
Анбоксинг и подключение. Плак-плак. BFK3.1 Baikal BE-T1000 (be-t1).