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本: běn. The Chinese character 本 signifies an origin or the beginning place; It signifies exactly what the first version of the NanoNote is: a beginning. The 本 version of NanoNote is an ultra small form factor computing device.
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I received my Ben NanoNote today. Its a handheld mini-laptop which runs OpenWRT-Linux and costs 99€ only. Both software and hardware are completely open...
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The Ben NanoNote is built around the JZ4720 366MHz MIPS-compatible processor from Ingenic Semiconductor with a three-inch, 320x240 pixel color TFT LCD (40x15 character in the text console).
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The Ben NanoNote is a "half-fledged" computer, which is very similar to the Dingoo in hardware, but the similarites stops there.
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Typing on the Ben NanoNote is best achieved with the thumbs, weighing in at 126 grams it can easily be held in the hands just like a phone. The NanoNote is snappy enough, although we're not asking... Ben NanoNote copyleft hardware pocket computer...
The Ben version of NanoNote is an ultra small form factor computing device. The device sports a Nanonote is a promising sub US$100 copyleft hardware device by Qi Hardware - an ultra small form...
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The Ben NanoNote is somewhat reminiscent of the electronic dictionaries of the 90s, or the Zauri or their spiritual son, the sharp Netwalker, even if it is less powerful (and 5x cheaper) than the latter.
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The Ben NanoNote keyboard has improved sensitivity in comparison to many other netbooks. Apart from the keyboard, the Ben NanoNote has no other input capabilities.
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It's been something of a long road to this point (beginning with the company being founded by some laid off OpenMoko employees), but Qi Hardware's ultra-compact, open source Ben NanoNote (actually...
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Ben NanoNote (resmi olarak 本 NanoNote ), <73 kullanan bir cep bilgisayarıdır >Linux tabanlı OpenWrtişletim sistemi . Qi Hardware tarafından geliştirilen bir açık kaynaklı donanım aygıtı, muhtemelen "kelimenin geleneksel tanımı için dünyanın en küçük Linux dizüstü bilgisayarı" olarak... | Unpacking my Ben NanoNote
The Ben NanoNote: A computer smaller than my wallet If you are new here, have a look around and if you like what you find, don't forget to subscribe. Today I received by post my Ben NanoNote, from...
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PCB 08.50 (ben). '''Micro-SD pins on testpads:''' Pin TP note. [[Category:Ben NanoNote]]. This content is dual licensed under CC-BY-SA and GFDL and was obtained from http...
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The Qi Hardware Ben NanoNote is an ultra small form factor computing device based on Free Hardware, Free Software, and Free development tools.