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While not a gaming PC, the compact Racing P1 Mini-PC with customizable RGB colors could be the choice for one who lacks space but wants a product that is...
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Biostar's tiny RACING P2 mini-PC is an Intel Atom-based compute unit built for basic desktop and web use with a minimal footprint. This time around I've got an option from Biostar, who has to be one of my very favorite entry-level hardware manufacturers. Biostar doesn't go overboard in features or...
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RACING P1. Page: 1. BIOS User Guide. RACING P1. Ask question. This manual is available in your mobile.
Máy tính Biostar RACING P1 Windows Mini PC Intel Z8350 4GB/64GB
Máy tính mini Biostar RACING P1 được trang bị bộ xử lý 4 nhân Intel Z8350, RAM 4GB, bộ nhớ trong 64GB, khe cắm thẻ microSD, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth Với một kiểu dáng nhỏ gọn nhưng chiếc máy tính mini Biostar RACING P1 được tích hợp đầy đủ các cổng kết nối ngoại vi ở cả 2 cạnh trước và...
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BIOSTAR, a manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and industrial computing systems. Since its establishment in 1986, the BIOSTAR GROUP has become a major motherboard With a constant emphasis on quality, BIOSTAR always seeks to offer products with the highest price-performance ratio.
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The BIOSTAR RACING P1 Mini-PC is a compact computing solution that goes with you wherever you go, or if you just need to maximize space. The BIOSTAR RACING P1 Mini-PC is unlike any laptop you've used before. Laptops tend to be heavy and have a consistent size and volume to them, offers...
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Auch Biostar bietet jetzt Mini-PCs für Privatanwender an. Der Racing P1 setzt dafür auf Carbon-Optik und einen Anschluss für LED-Leuchtstreifen. Diese sitzt im Logo des Racing P1. Darüber hinaus wird ein vierpoliger Anschluss (Sockel 5050) für LED-Leuchtstreifen nach außen geführt.
BIOSTAR's RACING P1 SFF PC isn't going to set performance records anytime soon, but it does offer a good amount considering its price. On that spectrum, BIOSTAR's Racing P1 is positioned on the much more integrated side of things, meaning that it's not a full desktop replacement.
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Biostar races into the miniature PC market with its Intel Atom-driven Racing P1. The mini-PC is sold with an included disc packing the company's Racing GT, BullGuard, and BIO-Remote 2 utilities. Given that the Racing P1 doesn't come with an operating system installed, customers will have to pay an...
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Biostar Racing P1 to komputer, którego sercem jest czterordzeniowy chip Intel Atom x5-Z8350 taktowany zegarem 1,44 GHz (1,92 GHz w Turbo). Cena sprzętu nie została oficjalnie podana, ale z przecieków wynika, że Racing P1 powinien kosztować nie więcej niż 200 dolarów.
BIOSTAR's new Racing P1 Mini PC aimed at those looking to save...
Situations like this are the queue for the latest device from BIOSTAR, the Racing PC P1 mini. The Racing P1 Mini offers what tablets and desktop or laptop PCs cannot, and that is high performance in a small shell. The main selling point of this device is its ability to occupy close to zero space, due to its...
The BIOSTAR RACING P1 mini-PC features an Intel Z8350 quad-core processor with clock-speeds up to 1.92G with a maximum TDP of only 2W allowing the BIOSTAR RACING P1 operate completely fanless hence completely silent operation. The RACING P1 is the definition of style in the RACING...
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I came across the Biostar Racing P1, A SFF PC costing only Rs. For starters, there's the Racing P1 itself. Measuring 129.4mm*83mm*27mm and weighing just 285g, the Biostar Racing P1 is about the same weight as half a brick or a high capacity power bank.
Nettop BIOSTAR RACING P1. La moment acest produs nu este disponibil. RACING P1. Garanția consumatorului, luni.
Biostar races into pockets with the Racing P1 mini-PC
The Biostar Racing logo on the top of the machine has a color-configurable glow, and a connector on the front allows users to hook up and control an LED strip. As befits a mini-PC, the Racing P1 can be bolted to the back of a monitor using optional VESA mounting hardware. Biostar expects the Racing...
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  Biostar RACING P1 Mini PC. Përshkrimi. Më shumë informacion. Diskutime (0). SKU: CP0000003989 SKU e prodhuesit: N/A Kategori: Networking, IT Infrastructure, Solution, Hardware, Workstation, Computers Brand: Biostar.
Biostar races into the miniature PC market with its Intel Atom-driven...
After introducing the device in June, Biostar is now shipping its Atom-powered Racing P1 miniature PC. It packs a glowing logo, 4GB of system memory, 64GB of internal storage, and more. The device does not come with an operating system.