Brainfuck Language - Decoder, Encoder, Translator, Interpreter
Tool to decode/encode in Brainfuck. Brainf**k is a minimalist programmation language that takes its name from two words that refer to a kind of cerebral masturbation.
A Brainfuck editor & optimizing interpreter, written in JavaScript.
Wikipedia on Brainfuck. The Brainfuck archive. Brainfuck snippets. Text generator. BF code compressor.
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Language: Ada Assembly Bash C# C++ (gcc) C++ (clang) C++ (vc++) C (gcc) C (clang) C (vc) Client Side Common Lisp D Elixir Erlang F# Fortran Go Haskell Java Javascript Kotlin Lua MySql Node.js...
brainfuck - Esolang
Brainfuck is the most famous esoteric programming language, and has inspired the creation of a host of other languages. Due to the fact that the last half of its name is often considered one of the most offensive words in the English language, it is sometimes referred to as brainf***, brainf*ck, brainfsck...
How Brainfuck Works - YouTube
This tutorial will teach you how to code in Brainfuck. Please leave a like to let me know you want more uncommon or weird languages, I'm trying out new...
Brainfuck Visualizer
brainfuck - Wiktionary
brain +‎ fuck ("to play with; to tinker"). brainfuck (plural brainfucks). (vulgar) Something that destabilizes, confuses, or manipulates a person's mind. 2004, Dana Hodgdon, Adam's Theories, iUniverse (2004), →ISBN, page 107: What a brainfuck.
Visual brainfuck
Visual brainfuck is a Windows 7 compatible Integrated Development Environment for developers around the world who prefer the brainfuck approach. It has the tools needed to meet today's high...
brainfuck | Tumblr
I mean, yeah, on the one hand, it's deeply, deeply abstruse, and a lot of its subject matter is highly unlikely to be relatable to anyone under 30 - but on the other hand, it's a pretentious brainfuck of a...
Brainfuck - interpreter online
Brainfuck language interpreter online ( JavaScript ). Brainfuck to język programowania składający się z zaledwie ośmiu instrukcji, a można w nim zapisać wszystko - tylko komu się chce
BrainFuck 2.1.1 Free Download
BrainFuck - Interpreter for the BrainFuck programming language. The program has built-in tools like debugger and To have the on-screen keyboard you have to download BrainFuck Keyboard.
Learn bf in Y Minutes
Brainfuck is represented by an array with 30,000 cells initialized to zero and a data pointer pointing at the current cell. There are eight commands: + : Increments the value at the current cell by one.
Brainfuck: a Programming Language or a Joke?
There are a great number of esoteric programming languages in the world, and the most famous one is brainfuck. To make it sounds better, you also may call it BF or b*fuck...
brainfuck · PyPI
another Brainfuck compiler. Just search "brainfuck" on GitHub, and you'll see. just how many people have already written compilers, and how many different languages.
Code for multiplying two one digit numbers in Brainfuck - Stack Overflow
Source for simple programs in Brainfuck? 16. Brainfuck compare 2 numbers as greater than or Memory Index in Brainfuck Language. 2. Sum of number in brainfuck. 0. How do I code this in...
'Brainfuck': the most frustrating programming language ever
In the end, Müller came up with 'Brainfuck', a new programming language whose compiler uses only 240 bytes of memory making it around 11,000 times smaller than the C++ compiler.