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The example shows how to use GitLab CI to run a GitLab runner, set a Kubernetes executor, and activate a pipeline in an Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes cluster. Edit the .gitlab-ci.yml file to compile and build the Java demo source code project, push the application image, and deploy the application.
How to build a CI/CD pipeline in 20 minutes or less | GitLab
GitLab has an airtight integration with Kubernetes that makes it possible to deploy software from GitLab's CI/CD pipeline to Kubernetes by using Auto DevOps or Then it will create the Ingress ID, and then deploy the application. Put your CI/CD pipelines on autopilot with GitLab and Kubernetes.
CI/CD with Gitlab & Kubernetes. How to deploy a complete... | Medium
.gitlab-ci.yml (used by gitlab for manage our CI). Dockerfile (used by Docker to build our application. In my case, I use two environments (dev|prod) in two different virtual-hosts handled by Nginx Ingress Controller (a reverse-proxy for Kubernetes) with TLS termination.
How to integrate Kubernetes with Gitlab - Stack Overflow
On the Gitlab CI / CD > Kubernetes page, we need to enter mainly 3 fields I tried all the ca.crt and token values from all the namespaces from the Kubernetes dashboard, but I'm getting this error on the Gitlab when trying to install Helm Tiller application I'm also dying out with kubernetes and GitLab.
Dockerization and deployment of a Node.js application to Kubernetes...
Deploying this application in a Kubernetes consists of creating two resources in the cluster: A deployment and a service. Now that the code has been pushed to GitLab, the CI pipeline takes care of the containerization and deployment of the application.
Building and Deploying Applications to Kubernetes with GitLab and...
Learn how to set up a GitLab CI/CD pipeline to automatically build, deploy, and release an application to GKE. HashiCorp's Waypoint allows operators to deploy a developer-friendly interface so that they deploy applications using the same workflow, whether they're deploying to a Kubernetes cluster...
GitLab CI and Kubernetes: deploying Applications... - YouTube
Showing off GitLab's Kubernetes cluster feature, GitLab Pull Request review, and GitLab CI to deploy an example application to Kubernetes. 馃 Join us at the next DevOpsCon: https JUG KA | Kubernetes Basics - Am Beispiel einer Spring Boot App. synyx.
Automated deployments to Kubernetes with GitLab - Sander Knape
We first build the application in the official Golang Docker image. We then build and push the Docker image to our repository. Push the three files that we created to your GitLab repository. In this blog post we created a fully automated deployment pipeline to Kubernetes using GitLab.
Create a Continuous Integration Pipeline with GitLab and Kubernetes
GitLab comes with built-in support for Kubernetes, making it easy to build and test your projects using a Kubernetes cluster. Learn how to create a GitLab CI/CD pipeline that automatically builds and deploys application code on a Kubernetes cluster using Bitnami containers and Helm charts.
Kubernetes with GitLab CI/CD: Integration Testing & Custom... | Jelastic
Check out the integration of Kubernetes with GitLab, test CI/CD pipelines performance, as well as the process of GitLab and Kubernetes Integration Testing. Now you know how easy it is to automate CI/CD pipelines for your applications using GitLab and Kubernetes integration in Jelastic PaaS.
Using GitLab Auto DevOps with Kubernetes
Read this walkthrough connecting GitLab's Auto DevOps with Kubernetes through a Rancher feature called Authorized Cluster Endpoint. Paired with a Kubernetes cluster, this means you can deploy applications without the overhead of provisioning CI/CD resources and configuring those tools.
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Help. GitLab Kubernetes / OpenShift integration. Token - GitLab authenticates against Kubernetes using service tokens, which are scoped to a particular namespace. Auto DevOps automatically detects, builds, tests, deploys, and monitors your applications.
Deploying a Kubernetes app with GitLab-Ci (automated pipeline)
Deploying a Kubernetes app with GitLab-Ci (automated pipeline). Gitlab-runners can be a process running on a VM, a pod in Kubernetes and even scale as you need to use them. It's a good practice to use runners as docker+machine to execute test and build stages as they use more resources.
How to Improve Your Kubernetes CI/CD Pipelines with GitLab and...
Secure Your Application Ingress. We now are able to build and deploy our application using GitLab Serverless automatically builds a container image without us providing a Dockerfile, deploys Once we have configured GitLab Serverless on our Kubernetes cluster, we only need to configure it...
Using the GitLab CI/CD Pipelines Integrated Workflow To Build, Test...
With it, organizations can build dynamic containerized applications by incorporating Kubernetes with services running on their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. First, let's explore the components needed to build and deploy GitLab CI/CD services in Container Engine for Kubernetes. To install GitLab on...
Continuous deployment of containerized applications using GitLab
GitLab is a continuous integration tool. This scenario describes how to build an application in a Docker container and deploy it from the container on a Kubernetes cluster with GitLab using Yandex.Cloud tools. Configure a Docker image build and deployment from CI.
Trying new tools for building and automating the deployment... | ITNEXT
I tried to build a similar process from scratch, but entirely built on Gitlab CI and free tools that I used to use to deploy applications in Kubernetes. Today, I finally will tell you more about them. The article will consider such tools as: Hugo, qbec, kaniko, git-crypt and GitLab CI with dynamic environments feature.
How to deploy Java applications to kubernetes using Gitlab CI/CD...
To keep container size down and build pipelines fast I build the jar file in one pipeline and only put the jar file into a JRE container image. This means all my config for this Java app needs to be in a Gitlab CI variable instead of in Kustomize as a ConfigMap. (Or Helm chart).
Tutorial - Deploy from GitHub to Azure Kubernetes Service using...
This manual deployment lets you see the application in action. A Docker build is started using the updated code, and the new container image is tagged with the latest build number. Your application running on Azure Kubernetes Service updates with the latest image from Azure Container Registry.
Deploy to Kubernetes | Bitbucket Cloud | Atlassian Support
Note, that we use an environment variable for APPLICATION_NAME, but you can configure your own or even statically define it. On this pagePrerequisites Build your artifact Build and push a Docker image Create a deployment to run multiple instances of your application in Kubernetes Summary.
Automated Deployment of PHP Application using Gitlab CI on...
Build: Build a docker image from the Dockerfile and push to AWS ECR Repo. Deploy: Updates the docker image for the already running application pod This article showcases the provisioning of the Kubernetes cluster using KOPS with best practices and the deployment of any PHP application on...
Build and deploy a Hello World application on Kubernetes using...
Build and deploy an application on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service using kubectl. To build, test, and deploy applications faster and more reliably, you need to automate this entire workflow. Following a CI/CD methodology reduces the overhead of development and manual deployment processes...
Use GitLab CI to run a GitLab runner and execute a pipeline on...
Simplify Kubernetes application deployment by using Helm. Use an application trigger to redeploy an application. Deploy Jenkins in a serverless Kubernetes cluster and build an application delivery pipeline. Run a GPU-based TensorFlow training job.
Deploy to google kubernetes engine using gitlab ci - DEV Community
Tagged with kubernetes, devops, docker, ci. In a previous blogpost I showed how I build and publish docker images on gitlab ci (Build a docker image on gitlab ci). Make sure to read that post first for an overview and permission setup.