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C11 (formerly C1X) is an informal name for ISO/IEC 9899:2011, a past standard for the C programming language. It replaced C99 (standard ISO/IEC 9899:1999) and has been superseded by C17...
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C11 was also later adopted by INCITS as an ANSI standard on May 23, 2012 as INCITS/ISO/IEC The C11 standard adds concurrency support, provides a mechanism for type-generic expressions...
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C++11 is the second major version of C++ (the previous ones are C++98 and C++03, while the next ones are C++14, C++17, C++20, where major version are marked in bold) and the most important update since C++98.
The Biggest Changes in C++11 (and Why You Should Care)
Indeed, core C++11 has changed significantly. The C++11 Standard Library was also revamped with new algorithms, new container classes, atomic operations, type traits, regular expressions, new smart...
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C++11 Lambda Function : Example & Tutorial. C++11 Lambda : Capturing local variables. C++11 Lambda : Capturing Member Variables.
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Where can I find the full C++11 standard? I know features of it are floating around the internet but I For C++03, the standard was (and is) available for $30 from ANSI, but the C++11 standard is still...
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Our team is happy to announce that C11 and C17 are becoming supported language versions in the MSVC compiler toolset starting with Visual All the required features of C11 and C17 are supported.
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C++11 is the ISO C++ standard ratified in 2011. The previous standard is often referred to as C++98 or C++03; the differences between C++98 and C++03 are so few and so technical that they ought not...