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China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a country in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country, with a population of around 1.428 billion in 2017.
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China, country of East Asia that is the largest of all Asian countries and has the largest population of any country in the world. Learn more about China, including its history and culture.
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BBC News China. China rejects calls for inquiry into virus origins. Lam Wing-kee was detained in China after selling material critical of the political elite there.
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Egyptian Ambassador to China, Mohamed Elbadri, said Egypt has applied China's The pandemic is forcing startups in China to rethink their business models and step away from a cash-burning strategy.
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China eases restrictions on exports of some coronavirus equipment. China is dropping a requirement that a number of key virus care products get domestic regulatory approval before export...
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China Daily, Beijing, China. 91,377,530 likes · 3,363,978 talking about this. Encouraging constructive dialogue between China and other nations.
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Russia and China among state and other actors spreading fake news and disruption, say experts. Belizean national Lee Henley Hu Xiang accused of 'colluding with foreign anti-China forces'.
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China is one of the oldest cultures on the planet, and has made famed contributions to all kinds of art China is very famous for its culinary tradition--not just the typical "Chinese food" you find dotting...
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China (中国; Zhōngguó), officially known as the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国 Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó) is a huge country in Eastern Asia (about the same size as the United States of America) with the world's largest population.
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Note: The 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic originated in China, but the peak within the country has passed and there are few new reported cases each day. Nevertheless, precautions similar to flu are advised.
China Daily Website - Connecting China Connecting the World is the largest English portal in China, providing news, business information, BBS, learning materials. The Website has channels as China, BizChina, World, Opinion, Sports/Olympics...
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China is the world's largest country by population, currently a totalitarian communist one-party republic. With thousands of years of continuous traditions, in three decades it has dramatically changed itself from a poor backward nation to a world power, and is one of the world's top economies.
China became the world's largest exporter in 2010, and the largest trading nation in 2013. Still, China's per capita income is below the world average. In July 2005 moved to an exchange rate system that...
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China Wiki ››. Guyu ( 谷雨 ), literally translated as grain rain, is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. It indicates that there will be plentiful rainfall and it is the best time for sowing in agriculture.
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Kudlow: China's $40-$50B of US agriculture purchases over two-year period. As part of the phase one U.S.-China trade deal, China will purchase $40 billion in U.S. agricultural products.
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BEIJING (AP) — China closed a border crossing with Myanmar on Friday after fighting in that nation spilled into a Chinese province and Starbucks introducing plant-based food and drinks in China.
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Send flowers to CHINA. What's Happening in China Today? (China Media vs. Foreign Media). Xinhua (top official China news agency). China Daily (official English newspaper).
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Borrowed from Portuguese China, from Persian چین‎ from Middle Persian 𐭰𐭩𐭭‎ (čīn, "China"), from Sanskrit चीन (cīna, "the Chinese; China") of uncertain etymology. It is usually thought to be derived from 秦 (qín, "Qin"), Middle Chinese: 秦 (MC d͡ziɪn), Old Chinese: 秦 (OC *zin)...
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The World Bank In China. China has achieved substantial development success since its reform and opening up in 1978. Today, China is an upper middle-income country but has remaining challenges.