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Indicatif présent. je. contrains. contrains. il/elle. contraint.
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contraindre — CONTRAINDRE. v. act. Je contrains, tu contrains, il contraint; nous contraignons, vous contraignez, ils contraignent.
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constraint [kənˈstreɪnt]Существительное. constraint / constraints.
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je contrains. nous contraignons. tu contrains. vous contraignez.
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Constraint may refer to: Constraint (computer-aided design), a demarcation of geometrical characteristics between two or more entities or solid modeling bodies. Constraint (mathematics)...
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Je ne les contrains pas. Я их не принуждаю. contrains.
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Constraint definition is - the act of constraining. How to use constraint in a sentence. Matthew Arnold a life of invalidism and constraint. c : a constraining condition, agency...
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Constraint definition: A constraint is something that limits or controls what you can do. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Learn about F# constraints that apply to generic type parameters to specify the requirements for a type argument in a generic type or function.
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constraint meaning, definition, what is constraint: something that limits your freedom to do...
SQL Constraints
SQL Create Constraints. Constraints can be specified when the table is created with the CREATE TABLE statement, or after the table is created with the ALTER TABLE...
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From Middle English constreynt, constreynte, from Old French constreinte, past participle of constreindre ("to constrain"), from Latin cōnstringō (corresponding to the past participle cōnstrictus). IPA(key): /kənˈstɹeɪnt/.
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contrains. first-person singular present indicative of contraindre. second-person singular present indicative of contraindre. second-person singular imperative of contraindre.
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Constraints synonyms, Constraints pronunciation, Constraints translation, English dictionary definition of Constraints. n. 1. The threat or use of force to prevent, restrict, or...
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The twin concepts of constraints and capabilities let the browser and Web site or app exchange This article discusses capabilities and constraints, as well as media settings...