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In computer software, a data access object (DAO) is a pattern that provides an abstract interface to some type of database or other persistence mechanism. By mapping application calls to the persistence layer, the DAO provides some specific data operations without exposing details of the database.
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Solution. Use a Data Access Object (DAO) to abstract and encapsulate all access to the data source. The DAO manages the connection with the data source to obtain and store data.
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DAO (Data Access Object) is a very used design pattern in enterprise applications. It basically is the module that is used to access data from every source (DBMS, XML and so on).
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What is DAO. Imagine a vending machine that not only takes money from you and gives you a snack This is, roughly, how a DAO or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, works. The idea of such...
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DAO stands for Data Access Object and it is a structural pattern which isolates the business layer (logic) from the Put simply, the object (DAO) provides an abstract interface to a database.