Обзор динамического контроля доступаDynamic Access Control...
When Dynamic Access Control is used, a user's permissions change dynamically without additional administrator intervention if the user's job or role changes (resulting in changes to the user's account...
Dynamic Access Control Overview | Microsoft Docs
Domain-based Dynamic Access Control enables administrators to apply access-control permissions and restrictions based on well-defined rules that can include the sensitivity of the resources, the job or...
Introducing Dynamic Access Control - TechNet... - TechNet Wiki
Dynamic Access Control represents several feature enhancements introduced with Windows Server 2012 Server that work together to improve authorization management for Windows Server 2012 file...
How To Configure Dynamic Access Control in Server 2012 R2 Step...
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) is a brand-new feature in Windows Server 2012. DAC enables Windows administrators to customize authorization to file server...
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) - Part 1: Overview | 4sysops
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) is a brand-new feature in Windows Server 2012. DAC enables Windows administrators to customize authorization to file server resources by applying conditional...
Dynamic Access Control - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) allows the enterprise administrator to easily apply and manage access and auditing to domain-based file servers. To accomplish this task...
What You Need to Know About Dynamic Access Control for Windows...
Successful deployment and smooth ongoing operations of Windows Server Dynamic Access Control depend heavily on proper planning.
Dynamic Access Control for File Server - Part 1
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) is a new feature introduced in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. It allows to apply access control and restricted permission based conditional rules for accessing...
Dynamic Access Control | Stealthbits Technologies
One of those things is Dynamic Access Control. The part of Dynamic Access that has the gears turning for me right now is that it has extended the definition of "Access" to include not just "who" but...
Introduction to Dynamic Access Control
Learn how to configure file and storage services in Windows Server 2016. This course maps to the Implement Storage Solutions domain from Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)...
Microsoft Dynamic Access Control
Microsoft Dynamic Access Control is a new way to deploy access rules to your file shares. For many moons now, System Administrators have had a tedious task of managing tens, hundreds...
Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012
Dynamic Access Control is a set of features for Windows Server 2012 to manage authentication and authorization beyond Active Directory Groups.
Dynamic Access Control Part 1: Microsoft Certified... | Cybrary
Dynamic access control allows the administrator to use claims Dynamic Access Control Part 5. 15m. Distributive Active Directory Domain Services Deployment Part 1.
Windows Server 2012 R2 Dynamic Access Control... - Intense School
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) is a new claims-based authorization functionality introduced in Windows Server 2012. This article demonstrates how conditional statements are created in the central...
Dynamic Access Control | Centrify
Dynamic Access Controls. Protect all your critical Windows, Linux and UNIX systems by centrally controlling exactly who can access what and when. Centrify lets you configure dynamic privileges...
Active Directory-based activation в Windows Server 2012
Dynamic Access Control в Windows Server 2012.
Configure Per-User Dynamic Access Control Lists in ISE - Cisco
This document describes the configuration of a per-user Dynamic Access Control List (dACL) for users present in either the ISE internal identity store or an external identity store.