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Euphrates Region, formerly Kobanî Canton,, is the central of three original regions of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, comprising Ayn al-Arab District of the Aleppo Governorate, Tell Abyad District of the Raqqa Governorate...
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The Euphrates River is the western of the two great rivers that define Mesopotamia, the other being the Tigris River. The two rivers have their sources within 50 miles of each other in eastern Turkey and travel southeast through northern Syria and Iraq to the head of the Persian Gulf.
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From Ancient Greek Εὐφράτης (Euphrátēs), from Old Persian 𐎢𐎳𐎼𐎠𐎬𐎢 (u-f-r-a-tu-u /hUfrātuš/), itself from Sumerian 𒀀𒇉𒌓𒄒𒉣 (ÍDBuranun), from Akkadian 𒀀𒇉𒌓𒄒𒉣 (ÍDPurattu) (compare Elamite 𒌑𒅁𒊏𒌅𒅖 (ú-ip-ra-du-iš), Classical Syriac ܦܪܬ‎ (P(ə)rāṯ)).
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Euphrates River, longest river in southwest Asia. It is 1,740 miles (2,800 km) long and is one of the two main constituents of the Tigris-Euphrates river Learn more about the Euphrates River in this article.
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The Euphrates ( juːˈfreɪtiːz ) is the longest and historically one of the most important rivers of Southwest Asia. Together with the Tigris, the Euphrates is one of the two defining rivers of Mesopotamia. The river - originating in the Taurus Mountains - flows through Syria and Iraq to join the Tigris in the Shatt...
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Euphrates (Arabic: Furāt, الفرات, literally: fresh water), is a river originates in Turkey, flows through Syria and Iraq, then empties into the Persian Gulf. The Tragedy of Karbala occurred in the bank of this river, and in hadith, some excellences and special characters are attributed to it.
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Перевод слова euphrates, американское и британское произношение.
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EuphrātesEuphrātes, 1) E., aus Alexandria, Stoiker, Verehrer des Apollonios von Tyana, bald aber dessen bitterer Feind; lebte theils in Syrien, theils am Hofe des Kaisers Hadrian.
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EUPHRATES (Heb. פְּרָת; Dead Sea Scrolls Pwrt; from Akk. According to Genesis 2:14, the Euphrates was one of the four branches of the river which rises in Eden to water the *garden of Eden.
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The Euphrates is the longest river of the Near East: it is about 2,760 kilometers long. The ancient Sumerians called it Id-Ugina, "the blue river", while the Babylonians and Assyrians called it Purattu.
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5. Description. The longest river in Western Asia, the Euphrates flows for a distance of 2,800 kilometers, arising in Turkey and flowing through Syria and Iraq to drain into the Persian Gulf.
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What is Euphrates? Definition and meaning:EUPHRATES u-fra'-tez (perath; Euphrates, 'the good and abounding river'): The longest (1,780 miles) and most important stream of Western As.
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In Greek mythology Euphrates was a river-god of Assyria in west Asia (modern Turkey and Iraq). The river Euphrates flowed south from the highlands of eastern Anatolia through the heart of Assyria.
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Euphrates definition: 1. a long river in western Asia that was one of the two great rivers of the ancient region of…. Meaning of Euphrates in English.
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Euphrates definition, a river in SW Asia, flowing from E Turkey through Syria and Iraq, joining the Tigris to form the Shatt-al-Arab near the Persian Gulf.
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The Euphrates ) is the longest and one of the most historically important rivers of Western Asia. Originating in the Armenian Highlands of eastern Turkey, the Euphrates flows through Syria and Iraq...
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Euphrates synonyms, Euphrates pronunciation, Euphrates translation, English dictionary definition of Euphrates. A river of southwest Asia flowing about 2,800 km from central Turkey through Syria and...
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The Euphrates river (Fırat in Turkish) rises from Eastern Anatolia But the largest dam of Turkey in size, and one of the biggest dams in the world, is Ataturk Dam which is also built on the Euphrates...
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The Euphrates is first mentioned in Gen. 2:14 as one of the rivers of Paradise. EUPHRATES: translation. Together with the Tigris, the most important river that defined the borders of Mesopotamia.
Euphrates. An important river that rises in the mountains of Armenia and falls into the Persian Gulf, frequently called in scripture "the River."
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The Euphrates River is the longest river in Western Asia. The river has three riparian countries, Iraq, Syria Most of the Euphrates stream-flow originates from precipitation in the Armenian Highlands...
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