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Metrics can increase the transparency in your project and help you gain a deeper knowledge of your development processes and better understand your This meeting is intended to be an open venue to present these ideas, tools, and analysis that the FLOSS community is already doing with FLOSS...
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I — metrics support group FLOSS community metrics meeting. Dawn M. Foster Director of Community at Puppet Labs @geekygirldawn dawn@puppetlabs.com.
Duane O'Brien talk at FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting EU 2016
"Measuring Velocity With A Teaspoon: Why InnerSource Metrics Are Different"Duane O'Brien talk at FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting EU 2016.
GitHub - geekygirldawn/gource-demo-jan2016: Gource Demo for the...
Gource Demo for the January 2016 FLOSS Community Metrics meeting in Brussels. Presentation Logistics. FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting. Open Source Software Development Analytics Conference.
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Это FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting. Там будут обсуждать ...
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Connect With Us. Linux Journal, representing 25+ years of publication, is the original magazine of the global Open Source community.
6 Meeting Metrics to Collect in Every Meeting You Run
What you need to do is turn that intuitive knowledge into real meeting metrics. You intuitively know whether your meetings create a sense of communal knowledge and purpose or Written by Chris Higgins Chris Higgins is the author of The Blogger Abides and writes for Mental Floss, This American...
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Today at the FLOSS Community Metrics meeting in Brussels, Belgium, I gave a short, 5-minute lightning talk about using Gource to visualize your source code repositories with a focus on navigating the myriad of Gource configuration options and how to tweak them to make Gource work better for...
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Рубрика «FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting». Приглашение на FOSDEM 2015.
(PDF) Assessing FLOSS communities: An experience report from the...
Following the Goal-Question-Metric paradigm, QUALOSS describes goals, the associated questions In particular, we. introduce the research done to evaluate the FLOSS endeavor communities. Their adoption meets several adopter's needs, such as cost reduction, standards alignment, and so on.
2015 FLOSS Community Metrics
2015 FLOSS Community Metrics. 6,737 views. Share. My talk at 2015 FOSS Community Metrics. Overview of the dangers of certain metrics about open source communities, Liferay's methodology used to select, track, and act on, and what we're doing in the future
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Floss Metrics Booklet - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. • Check whether the information that you collected meets your demands. • If needed, decide what you • FLOSSMetrics is an enabler of research, and the research community is using FLOSSMetrics data...
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Meetings overview summarizes meeting norms within your organization. Meetings overview data is available through the recommendations within See your insights in the Take action section of a relevant behavior.
Cogito, Ergo Sumana for 2016
(FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting keynote): "What should we stop doing?": written version of a keynote address by Sumana Harihareswara, delivered at the FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting just before FOSDEM, 29 January 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.
When Metrics Go Wrong
Metrics are great. They can give you situational awareness about what's going on in your community, help you identify issues that you need to fix, and (This post is derived from a presentation I gave at the inaugural FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting on the topic "What you measure is what you get.
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Заголовок: GrimoireCon, previously known as FLOSS (Free, libre, open source software) Community Metrics meeting Описание: FLOSS (Free, libre, open source software) Community Metrics meeting information.
Community metrics - MediaWiki
This page is about wikimedia.biterg.io, the Wikimedia Tech community metrics dashboard.For a list of links to metrics and statistics, refer to Development statistics.For metrics not related to Wikimedia's technical community (e.g. page views), refer to the Analytics mailing list.
Assessing the Open Source Development Processes Using OMM
FLOSS communities can also benefit from a large number of users attracted by a good OMM assessment, especially integrators from the software The number of metrics is large and it may be perceived as too large for a FLOSS assessment. However, the granularity level of metrics in OMM is...
Track meeting quality and statistics - Google Workspace Admin Help
Meet quality toolThis feature requires having the Admin quality dashboard access privilege. Use the Meet quality tool to troubleshoot your For example, you can see an overview of meeting metrics, find and debug meetings, view network statistics (jitter, packet loss, and congestion), or view system...
Video Conferencing - Start a Poll in Cisco Webex Meetings
Product: Webex Meetings Webex Meetings. Operating System: Mac, Windows Desktop Mac Windows Desktop. Check out Webex Community, where experts and other members help answer questions every day. You can see if others have the same question, or make a new post about your specific issue.
Join us on GrimoireCon North America
No more FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting(*) but GrimoireCon, more focus in the toolkit with users showcases and two workshops to start using it and get deeper knowledge of its capabilities. Of course, we will discuss about upcoming features and listen for new requests.
2015 FLOSS Community Metrics
1. liferay community metrics james falkner liferay community @schtool 2015 FLOSS Community Metrics. 2. Value of Community. 3. liferay community 13 years 4.3M LOC 140k registered site members 102 external contributors in 2014 150 SI partners 5M downloads 1200 marketplace...
Sumana Harihareswara's Talks
FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting Winter 2016: "What Should We Stop Doing?" (written version, slides, video). Wiki Conference USA 2014: "Hospitality, Jerks OSCON 2011: interviewed on "the role of leaders within free software and free culture communities...the work of the [Wikimedia F]oundation...
Why do episodic volunteers stay in FLOSS communities?
Successful Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects incorporate both habitual and infrequent, or episodic, contributors. Using the concept of episodic volunteering (EV) from the general volunteering literature, we derive a model consisting of five key constructs that we hypothesize affect...
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Instafloss - the 10-second floss. 2,525 likes · 585 talking about this. The world's first multi-jet water flosser delivering the most comfortable and...
I call it, the Clementine Box - an Ubuntu Orangebox alternative...
I was at the metrics meeting at that hotel and saw your lightning talk about Ubuntu and whatnot. Great project you've got here! Hey! Great to run into you again :) I certainly was there @ the FLOSS Community Metrics talks. Thanks! Its been fun getting started - its like the wild west all over again.
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Social Business & Wanju Community Business Center. Using Social Media to foster community and mobilise supporters. Floss metrics strategy 2015. View more... Join the membership for readers.
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Links: Cauldron beta -- community metrics for github repositories Evaluating Free / Open Source Software Projects -- work-in-progress book FCM2 -- FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting FeverBee Sprint -- conference a.