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PVS-Studio seems to be getting less relevant. Clang can detect more bugs than before and is now catching up with PVS-Studio. I wrote down 60 warnings and stopped at that. Did PVS-Studio find any other bugs in LLVM? Yes, it did. But as I was writing down the examples, night fell, so I decided...
Finding bugs in the code of LLVM project with the help of PVS-Studio
LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) — a universal system of analysis, transformation and optimization of programs, implementing a virtual machine with Details can be found in the section "How to run PVS-Studio on Linux". In LLVM 3.9 we have completely ceased using autoconf in favor of Cmake...
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I find the PVs articles generally interesting, but the style is awful this time (like "I stopped checking for mor of these bugs bit I bet there are more"). However, when I did try PVS-Studio it seemed to confuse varidiac template with C varidiacs. In cppcheck, there was FPs with unused variables or...
Finding Bugs in the Code of LLVM Project with the Help of PVS-Studio
About two months ago I wrote an article about the analysis of GCC using PVS-Studio. The idea of the article was as follows: GCC warnings are great, but they're not enough. It is necessary to use specialized tools for code analysis, for example, PVS-Studio.
Finding bugs in the code of LLVM project with the help of PVS-Studio...
LLVM developers, of course, will be able to understand if there is a bug here or not. I have to play detective. Looking at the code, I was thinking in the following direction: The function should read the opening bracket '<', then it reads the identifiers and commas in the loop. If there is no comma, we...
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If you have been programming for a while, you know the worst thing that can happen to you is one little bug inside your code that you can't find.It is so...
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Visual Studio — for generating Visual Studio projects and solutions. LLVM is very demanding of the host C++ compiler, and as such tends to expose bugs in the compiler. We also attempt to follow improvements and developments in the C++ language and library reasonably closely.
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Finding Bugs in LLVM 8 with PVS-Studio (
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llvm Clang 8.0 released (self.cpp). submitted 1 year ago by jagannatharjun. Finding Bugs in LLVM 8 with PVS-Studio.
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PVS-Studio is a static code analyzer for programs in C, C++ and C#, designed to find vulnerabilities and bugs. PVS-Studio static analyzer is primarily targeted at Visual Studio users. You can use the plugin to integrate the analyzer into a Visual Studio 2010-2017 environment.
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I heard a news that pvs-studio was used to find around 27000 bugs in the Tizen. Then I decided to test it here. I installed it using their Debian/Ubuntu apt First you need to run the ./ in the root of your project. Then you can run these commands: $ pvs-studio-analyzer trace -- make $.
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We released the first version of PVS-Studio analyzer for Linux. Now Linux developers are getting a new powerful tool to fight bugs in the code. This video shows how to install PVS-Studio for Linux and check a project.
LLVM 8.0.0 released []
llvm-dev <>,, "openmp-dev And as usual, many bug fixes, optimization and diagnostics improvements, etc. Finding Bugs in LLVM 8 with PVS-Studio
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PVS-Studio is a tool for detecting bugs and security weaknesses in the source code of programs, written in C, C++, C# and Java. PVS-Studio: No compilation units were found. I'm using PVS-Studio in docker image based on ubuntu:18.04 for cross-compiling a couple of files with arm-none-eabi-gcc.
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We Checked the Android Source Code With PVS-Studio — or...
PVS-Studio is a static application security testing tool (SAST) that can detect these errors so that I found one more bug, where the memory isn't cleared, although in this case, the memset function has PVS-Studio warning: V796 CWE-484 It is possible that 'break' statement is missing in switch...
How I Improved My Legacy C++ Project with PVS-Studio
PVS -Studio reported the following message PVS-Studio makes it more evident that there's something wrong with the similar code sections and that way it's easier to have a look I'm especially impressed with finding copy&paste kind of bugs which are easy to skip but can hurt a lot at runtime.
LLVM bugpoint tool: design and usage — LLVM 8 documentation
bugpoint is useful for proactively finding bugs in LLVM. Invoking bugpoint with the -find-bugs option will cause the list of specified optimizations to be randomized and applied to the program. This process will repeat until a bug is found or the user kills bugpoint. bugpoint can produce IR which contains long...
PVS-Studio Analyzer Spots 40 Bugs In the FreeBSD Kernel - Slashdot
Svyatoslav states that PVS-Studio detected more than 1000 suspicious code fragments that are most likely bugs or inaccurate code. A couple of words for programmers who are still not familiar with PVS-Studio. PVS-Studio is a tool for bug detection in the source code of programs, written in C, C++...
77421 - Bugs found in GCC with the help of PVS-Studio
I've got to the GCC code and checked it with PVS-Studio analyzer. There are some suspicious code fragments described in the article Since the details are now in this bug (see attachment) I'm confirming this.
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To use Clang/LLVM on a remote Linux machine with Visual Studio, just install it with your distribution's package manager. If 'which clang' finds the Getting Started with Clang/LLVM in Visual Studio. Once you have installed Clang, using it with CMake projects is easy. Visual Studio will use the MSVC...
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Finding Bugs in LLVM 8 with PVS-Studio. It's been two years since we last checked the code of the LLVM project with PVS-Studio, so let's see if PVS-Studio is still the leader among tools for detecting bugs and security weaknesses.
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The LLVM compiler infrastructure project is a set of compiler and toolchain technologies, which can be used to develop a front end for any programming language and a back end for any instruction set architecture.
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- You can also find bugs in RWD (Responsive Web Design) with their automated screenshots. VAPT tools- Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Bug Tracking Tools - Jira, Asana, Microsoft VSTS helps you to maintain a neat and clean library of all the bugs you found so you could collaborate and...