ИТ: Supermicro и BMC-модуль - На просторах великой страны нас...
nc 49152 GET /PSBlock. " Источник.
How to check if my Supermicro IPMI is compromised... - Server Fault
You should get your users and passwords if you're compromised. After the connection ask for GET /PSBlock and watch the results, it should be something like this
Supermicro IPMI - password vulnerability - kbDone
It looks like there is a file "PSBlock" that contains most user info in plain text and the system will give it freely if you ask. Luckily Supermicro has already released a patch to address this issue.
At least 32,000 servers broadcast admin passwords in the clear...
nc 49152 GET /PSBlock. for an admin password these days… Wikholm said the Supermicro patch requires vulnerable motherboards to be "flashed" with new firmware...
Supermicro IPMI BMCs plaintext passwords exposed | Threatpost
The PSBlock password file is found in a XML file stored inside a particular directory, Wikholm said, adding that he notified Supermicro of the issue in November to no avail. Wikholm said anything stored...
Solved - Get Block Player is Standing On | SpigotMC - High...
How would I create a code which detects the block a player is standing is on and then kills the You are only interessted which block the player is standing on if they kill another player, right?
How To Get your Ex To Unblock You - Text / Call or Blocked On...
Robert Zink reveals how to get your ex to unblock you from text or call. You can even get unblocked after being blocked one everything.
PSBlock - Pastebin.com
(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri http://myserver:49152/PSBlock).content. RAW Paste Data.
GitHub - proudcommerce/psBlocks: Tool for managing oxid template...
Contribute to proudcommerce/psBlocks development by creating an account on GitHub.
"The world is weird… all it takes is: nc <IP> 49152 GET /PSBlock for..."
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Worklog - The PSBlock | Page 2 | BitBuilt - Giving Life to Old Consoles
Worklog The PSBlock. Thread starter Bigbutcher. Start date Oct 18, 2020. you got it finished!!! congrats!!!! that colour scheme really pops, it looks amazing, hope my portable ends up as good as...