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go [ɡəu]Существительное. go / goes.
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GOES — [goes] pres 3d sing of go, pl of go Merriam-Webster English vocab. GOESgoes BrE AmE ɡəʊz AmE \ ɡoʊz —There are nonstandard weak forms §ɡəz, §ɡʊz Longman Pronunciation English...
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Goes (pronunciation ) is a city and municipality in the southwestern Netherlands on Zuid-Beveland, in the province of Zeeland. The city of Goes has approximately 27,000 residents.
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goes. used to say something is cool or awesome. go. an ancient board game originated from China, now commonly played in japan and korea also.
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6 ways to use the verb 'GO' in English.
Goes definition, 3rd person singular present indicative of go1. See more.
Definition for goes (3 of 3). Example sentences from the Web for goes. There is a long history of official anti-clericalism in Mexico, but the atmosphere in Tierra Caliente goes far beyond that.