QDSP-6040 | Mbed
QDSP-6040. Bubble display - 7-segment (4-digit). This is a driver library for the popular QDSP-6064 bubble display. These miniature displays can be leveraged for small breadboard projects in order to...
Product Catalog | HP
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HP QDSP6064 Bubble Display — Rheingold Heavy
HP QDSP6064 Bubble Display. The nostalgia is strong with this one, reminding me of Underneath the DIP packaging, you see the model number "QDSP-6064", the HP logo next to the manufacturing...
A Stylish Low Part Count Non-Contact Thermometer | Hackaday
The main components of the thermometer are a MLX90614 sensor, a gorgeous HP QDSP-6040 bubble display, and a ATtiny2313 microcontroller to tie it all together. The rest are passive components...
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Infrared thermometer with MLX90614 sensor, HP QDSP-6040 display and ATtiny2313 MCU. This video is embedded in the following content
Bubble Display - 7-Segment (4-digit)... - SparkFun Electronics
This is the HP QDSP-6064 bubble display, a tiny, 4-digit, 7-segment numerical indicator. Thanks to a neat magnification technique used by the QDSP-6064 (giving it the "bubble" name), the luminosity is...
GitHub - RichardBronosky/QDSP-6064: resources for using the HP...
QDSP-6064.svg. generic IC breadboard image (used as the starting point for this part). ic-dip12.svg. About. resources for using the HP QDSP-6064 7-Segment Bubble Display from SparkFun in Fritzing...
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