Intel® RealSense™ Computer Vision - Depth and Tracking cameras
Intel® RealSense™ Touchless Control Software is a safer and frictionless way to interact with today's public displays. Keep up to date with Intel® RealSense™ Technology: product updates, upcoming...
Intel® RealSense™ Technology
The Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 is perfect for indoor applications that require depth data at high resolution and high accuracy. Intel® RealSense™ Dimensional Weight Software.
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Intel RealSense, Santa Clara, California. Designed for short range gesture recognition and control, the Intel RealSense depth camera SR305 is an excellent, affordable way to get started with depth...
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Intel RealSense Technology is a product range of depth and tracking technologies designed to give machines and devices depth perceptions capabilities. The technology, owned by Intel are used in autonomous drones, robots, AR/VR, smart home devices amongst many others broad market products.
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Open Source software from the Intel® RealSense™ team - Intel® RealSense™.
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Последние твиты от Intel RealSense (@IntelRealSense). Shaping the future by giving devices and machines the ability to perceive their surroundings.
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Intel RealSense Derinlik Kamerası D455, derinlik sensörleri arasındaki mesafeyi 95 mm'ye kadar Intel RealSense LiDAR Kamera L515, yüksek çözünürlük ve yüksek hassasiyette derinlik verileri...
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Intel's RealSense cameras go one step further, they record visible light — and invisible, infrared The Intel RealSense D415 is the entry level model, starting at $149 and has a slightly pared down feature...
An Introduction to Intel RealSense Technology for Game Developers
Intel RealSense technology pairs a 3D camera and microphone array with an SDK that allows you to implement gesture tracking, 3D scanning, facial expression analysis, voice recognition, and more.
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Intel Realsense Technology provides human-like senses to devices capable of hand and finger tracking, speech recognition and synthesis, facial analysis, background segmentation, fully textured...
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Intel® RealSense™ Person Library provides the ability to sense and recognize people, understand what they do, and interact with them. The following features are available in this release
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Intel® RealSense™ is the next evolution in user interface design. While touch-screen devices allow you to interact with hand gestures, they are fundamentally the same as traditional desktop keyboards...
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With the Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Windows, developers can use these tools to build immersive experiences to their games and apps using Intel® RealSense™ technology.
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Intel RealSense LiDAR utilise un miroir MEMS avancé pour scanner la scène. La caméra Intel RealSense LiDAR L515 est parfaite pour les applications en intérieur qui nécessitent des données de...
Tecnología Intel® RealSense
La tecnología Intel® RealSense™ lleva la informática perceptiva hasta el siguiente nivel comprendiendo las señales sensoriales y las plataformas compatibles con el movimiento.
Intel® RealSense™ Cross Platform API: Class List
Intel Realsense Cross-platform API.
Action! - Screen and game recorder with Intel® RealSense™ support!
Action! with Intel® RealSense™ technology support allows you to record and live stream all videos with webcams using automatic webcam background removal option!
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Intel®'s RealSense™ Camera provides 3Ddepth sensing capability, giving devices and machines a more realistic view of the world. Intel®'s RealSense™ Tracking Modules comprehend device position...