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Why Ktor? Lightweight. Use what you need. Ktor allows you to transparently configure only the functionality your project requires.
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Find everything you need to know about Ktor, from Getting Started to Advanced topics, in these Docs and Tutorials. A collection of self-contained samples that demonstrate different use-cases for Ktor.
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KTOR-692 Make cookie parser clamp max-age. Ktor applications can be hosted in a special test environment, which emulates a web server to some extent without actually doing any networking.
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Why Ktor for Networking? Despite platform-specific clients, if you try to learn how to use the Ktor client in your native platform, you can easily work with Ktor in other platforms.
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If you have a few years of experience with the Kotlin language and server-side development, and you're interested in sharing that experience with the community (and getting paid for your work of course)...
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Ktor is one of the most prominent "Kotlin-native" web frameworks officially supported by JetBrains, creators of the Kotlin language, and IntelliJ Table of Contents. Build a Ktor Application with Kotlin.
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Ktor provides separate artifacts for using the HTTP client: a common module and different engines To use Ktor KMM module in the common code, add the dependency to io.ktor:ktor-client-core to the...
Ktor is a framework for building asynchronous servers and clients in connected systems using the powerful Kotlin programming language. This...
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Ktor 1.0 Released: A Connected Applications Framework by JetBrains. Roman Belov. As we work on Kotlin, we implement many features that help build idiomatic and high-performing APIs.
Getting started with Ktor
Ktor is an open source framework for building asynchronous web applications with Kotlin. This post shows how to create a small RESTful CRUD service with Ktor. Getting started.
Tutorial: Writing Microservices in Kotlin with Ktor—a Multiplatform...
Ktor (pronounced Kay-tor) is a framework built from the ground up using Kotlin and coroutines. It is a great fit for applications that require HTTP and/or socket connectivity.
Ktor: a Kotlin Web Framework - DZone Web Dev
Ktor is an asynchronous web framework written in and designed for Kotlin. Allowing the more impressive features of Kotlin, such as coroutines, to not only be used but supported.
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import io.ktor.application.install import io.ktor.features.CallLogging import We developed a simple web application using Ktor framework and used many other libraries to perform CRUD operations on...
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Fully functional GraphQL & Ktor server¶. We will be using the ktor intellij plugin to get setup. The very first thing we'll be doing is creating a new IntelliJ project and use the ktor template.
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Ktor is a tool in the Microframeworks (Backend) category of a tech stack. Ktor is an open source tool with 8K GitHub stars and 662 GitHub forks. Here's a link to Ktor's open source repository on GitHub.
Kotlin Expertise Blog - Web Applications with Kotlin ktor
Kotlin Expertise Blog - The Kotlin ktor library - Learn to quickly build web apps with the Kotlin ktor library. ktor is a tool for writing simple and reactive web apps in Kotlin. It's backed by kotlin coroutines.
Quickly building a Kotlin REST Api Server using Ktor | MOVILE
I'm new to Ktor and it was hard to find good material to study about it. When you compare the amount of content of Spring, for example, probably you would say that we have almost no material about Ktor.
Role-based authorization in Ktor - Ximedes
Ktor itself is rather bare-bones, using a plugin model based on Features to extend its functionality. Recently I was asked to implement role-based authorization in one of our Ktor-based applications.
Ktor as a backend Application
Ktor is a Kotlin framework that allow developers to write asynchronous clients and servers applications, in Kotlin. While it's not entirely compatible, Ktor is targeting multiple platforms as JVM, JavaScript...
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Ktor is a framework for building asynchronous servers and clients in connected systems using Say you are using Ktor, exposed for a Kotlin web application. You would need a DI framework to manage...
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KTOR (99.7 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a regional Mexican format. Licensed to Gerber, in Tehama County, Northern California, it serves the cities of Red Bluff, Redding, and Chico in Northern California.
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Ktor is a microframework written in Kotlin. It's focus is on building asynchronous servers and clients in connected systems. I've been using it predominantly for the "server" slice of that statement.
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Ktor uses HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation) format in the external configuration Starting with Ktor 1.0.0-beta-2, the DevelopmentEngine class has been renamed to EngineMain, for...
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Ktor - Quickstart new project from plugin throwing Error. Ktor sse client disconnect. Websocket Ktor implementation has pinger extension which do the same for websockets.
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Ktor is a framework for building asynchronous servers and clients in connected systems using the powerful Kotlin programming language. The main advantage of Ktor in comparison with the other — it...