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L, or l, is the twelfth letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its name in English is el (pronounced /ˈɛl/), plural els. Lamedh may have come from a pictogram of an ox goad or cattle prod. Some have suggested a shepherd's staff.
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From the Etruscan letter 𐌋 (l, "el"), from the Ancient Greek letter Λ (L, "lambda"), derived from the Phoenician letter 𐤋‎ (l, "lamed"), from the Egyptian hieroglyph 𓌅. L (lower case l). The twelfth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet.
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I can't just put into words how amazing the shots are and how the landscape is beautiful and picture perfect as a piece of art on landscape come to life. So what does the title stand for well here is the definition of the letter L: An L-plate is a square plate bearing a sans-serif letter L, for learner, which...
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L definition, large. See more. any spoken sound represented by the letter L or l, as in let, dull, cradle. something having the shape of an L. a written or printed representation of the letter L or l.
To lose, or to take a loss. The L comes from the word lose/ loss.
For those who do not know, an L-Plate joint is made by sticking two rolling papers perpendicular to each other in the shape of an "L", allowing for a larger The evolution of the term either came from blunts rolled with El Producto cigars, or due to the size of an L-Plate joint being larger than the average joint...
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