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LGA 1366 (land grid array 1366), also known as Socket B, is an Intel CPU socket. This socket supersedes Intel's LGA 775 (Socket T) in the high-end and performance desktop segments. It also replaces the server-oriented LGA 771 (Socket J)...
Socket 1366 / Socket B / Socket LGA1366
Socket 1366, also called LGA1366 or Socket B, is a Land Grid Array (LGA) socket used by the latest generation of server-class Intel Core i7 and Xeon microprocessors.
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LGA1366 Desktop Computer Motherboard DDR3 CPU 6-channel Supports RECC Memory PRO. Kllisre X58 LGA 1366 Motherboard Support REG ECC Server Memory Xeon Processor.
LGA1366 Socket CPU Benchmarks
LGA1366 Socket CPU Benchmarks. By Score. Showing all 106 results. Any Socket LGA1366. CPU use. Any Class Desktop Server.
LGA1366 Socket Installation for Intel® Processors
This video shows how to install a LGA1366-based Intel® processor. Learn the steps for integrating Intel® Boxed Processors based on the LGA1366 desktop socket.
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