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Qeske Community is raising funds for Lenco-MD: World's first 3D Printed, modular record player on Kickstarter! Empowering people to learn about music and technology by doing and making quality...
Lenco-MD: World's first 3D Printed, modular record player
The Lenco-MD rethinks the classic concept of the record player. Although its design is inspired by classic Lenco record players, its characteristics are not. It is built by you, 3D printed, modular...
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The Lenco-MD rethinks the classic concept of the record player. Although its design is inspired by Cartridge Freedom - Install your favorite cartridge. Lenco-MD is shipped with the quality AT3600...
Modular Lenco-MD turntable can be 3D-printed and assembled at home
The Lenco-MD can come as a complete unit, a self-assembly kit or a build kit that includes all hardware and electronics, together with STL files for 3D printing components at home.
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Lenco-MD is the world's first 3D printed, modular record player aims to encourage us to learn about technology and music. Live on Kickstarter, the project has already scooped up a Best Innovation...
The Lenco-MD is the world's first 3D-printed modular... | What Hi-Fi?
The Lenco-MD claims to be the world's first such record player. It can be printed at home and offers The Lenco-MD is currently a Kickstarter campaign, aiming for $50,000 funding before it hits production.
Lenco-MD is the World's First 3D Printed Modular Record Player...
The Lenco-MD turntable rethinks the classic concept of the turntable, making quality Lenco-MD is the result of a partnership between the Swiss hi-fi audio manufacturer Lenco, the Dutch 3D printer...
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Check out the Lenco-MD, the world's first 3D-printed record player. Boasting a module design, users can upgrade their turntables by adding features like speakers and Bluetooth wireless Lenco-MD.
Lenco-MD is the world's first 3D printable record player - Samma3a Tech
Lenco-MD uses specialty of the hi-fi manufacturer Lenco and RepRapUniverse 3D printer producer and offers great audio quality and is easily upgradable. The design of Lenco-MD record player was...
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Hey Lenco enthousiasts, We are proud to share the Lenco-MD project with you. It's a collaboration between Lenco and RepRapUniverse, a 3D printer manufacturer from Kerkrade.
Lenco-MD: 21st century record player. World's first 3D Printed, modular record player. Project realised within Dutch innovation community Qeske, as a cooperation between Lenco, RRU, PCiD...
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Lenco has introduced the Lenco-MD turntable, a new design that lets you 3D print a modular turntable. It's designed for you to build it yourself, and they say that it's modular, feature-rich, upgradeable and...
Modular 3D-Printed Record Players : Lenco-MD
The 'Lenco-MD' record player is a 3D-printed system for audiophiles that will offer them a new kind of experience thanks to the modular design and new-fangled functionalities it promises.
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Introducing the Lenco-MD. A modular record player, you assemble yourself. Support us on Kickstarter: www.lenco-md.com.
Lenco-MD - Modular, 3D Printable Record Player - Take My Money
The Lenco-MD is a new Kickstarter project that tries to bring back the vinyl record player to the It features a classic Lenco record player's design but it consists of components that you can 3D print...
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Project realised within Dutch innovation community Qeske, in cooperation with Lenco, RepRapUniverse, PCiD and Tom Luyten. After successful Kickstarter campaign, product is being...
Lenco-MD: World's first modular 3D printed record player
21st century record player built by you. 3D printed, modular, feature rich, community driven, upgradable and ecological. ••• Soon on Kickstarter •••.
Hi-fi expert Lenco and RepRap Universe launch modular, 3D printed...
The device, dubbed the Lenco-MD, is a compact and The individual modules are embedded into compact housings which can be easily attached to one of the three 3D printed legs of the Lenco-MD.
The Lenco-MD is a DIY Built, 3D Printed Turntable
The Lenco-MD offers the old world hi-fi experience, with a decidedly new twist. The turntable is a collaboration between Lenco, the Swiss hi-fi company and Dutch 3D printer producer...
Lenco-MD Lets You 3D Print Your Own Audiophile Turntable
Lenco-MD Record Player. Pledge Price: $113.00+ Comment. Audiophile turntable maker Lenco's unique record player comes as either 3D printable files or ready to use 3D parts, and mechanical bits...
Lenco-md - Tom Luyten
Lenco-MD is the record player of the 21st century. It is 3D printed, modularand made of renewable The first functional prototype of the Lenco-MD was first presented at the IFA Berlin 2018(Consumer...