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Kinect (codenamed Project Natal during development) is a line of motion sensing input devices produced by Microsoft and first released in 2010.
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Microsoft released the first Kinect SDK mid-June 2011, allowing for developers to fully integrate the functionality into their games. The technology behind the Kinect sensor was developed by a...
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kinect. join leave1,693 readers. 6 users here now. Just picked up a used Kinect v2 off of Offer Up, are there any wall mount options that work well with it using those 3M Command Strips? (self.kinect).
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CNET. Microsoft Kinect. With its emphasis on fun over graphics, the Nintendo Wii has been the surprise hit Microsoft not only sees Kinect as a means to widen the general gaming audience, but... Kinect for Windows: Computers & Accessories
Utilize Kinect skeletal-tracking, sophisticated microphone array, and other sensor technologies. Link computers to Kinect devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview.
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On February 1, 2012, Microsoft released the Kinect for Windows version of the hardware device, and the final version of the SDK that required the new hardware, allowing commercial applications.
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Microsoft Kinect. 80. This product hasn't been reviewed yet. The Kinect as hardware is great, but there's plenty of room for software engineers and UI designers to improve.
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How to Connect a Kinect: Microsoft's Kinect is a versatile multimedia input device that can be used as a 3D scanner. Originally it was launched as an extension to the Xbox game console.