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ORTC (Object Real-Time Communications) is an API allowing developers to build next generation real-time communication applications for web, mobile, or server environments.
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ORTC may refer to: Object Real-time Communications, an object-centric application programming interface for WebRTC. Ohio River Trail Council, US. Office de Radio et Télévision des Comores, in the List of radio stations in Africa.
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Review implementation progress: ORTC Lib, MS Edge, Google ? Review ORTC Spec alignment with WebRTC WG 1.0 spec, review WebRTC NV direction.
ORTC vs WebRTC What's The Difference | Sinch
What is ORTC? ORTC refers to Object-Real Time Communications. Will Google allow ORTC to replace WebRTC 1.0 as a 1.1 or a huge jump to 2.0? It seems like a naming issue and it has not...
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Microsoft Edge now implements ORTC for Windows 10 devices. ORTC has continued to evolve since the development and release of Microsoft Edge -- the browser does not implement every object or...
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- initial commit of ortc repo, drafts and abstraction, sample shims.
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European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer...
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Object RealTime Communications (ORTC) provides a powerful API for the development of WebRTC based ORTC does not mandate a media signaling protocol or format (as the current WebRTC 1.0...
ORTC vs. WebRTC: That's Not The Right Question - The New Dial Tone
What does the move from SDP to ORTC in WebRTC do to your application? ORTC is still a wildcard to many. What most people know about ORTC is: It comes from Microsoft (and Hookflash).
What is ORTC: A WebRTC Competitor, WebRTC 2.0 or... - BlogGeek.me
ORTC's first draft has been published, and it is now time to pose the question - what is it exactly compared to WebRTC and how is it going to affect existing WebRTC services.
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This article covers some of the differences between the ORTC API and the WebRTC 1.0 API, which This article also covers what ORTC API support in Microsoft Edge and other browsers may mean for...
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Читаю Вы читаете @ORTC_Officiel. Отмена Перестать читать @ORTC_Officiel. J'ai ajouté une vidéo à une playlist @YouTube - Taanrifa habari ya ORTC Anjouan yahe mwezi 29 Janv 2019.http...
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"This release [build 10525] lays the groundwork for ORTC" was quite an understatement. It was considered experimental and while the implementation still differs from the specification...
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ORTC, WebRTC, H.264, VP8, RID, RtpEncoding, Simulcast and much more. Google, Microsoft and Hookflash leading the discussion, join us!
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Object RTC (ORTC) API for WebRTC. - OTHER.