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Object.getPrototypeOf(): Is a function which return a reference of this prototype object. We pass in an object as an argument and it will return the prototype object reference.
Javascript Object.getPrototypeOf()
The JavaScript Object.getPrototypeOf() method returns the prototype of the specified object. In this article, you will learn about the getPrototypeOf() method of Object with the help of examples.
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Sponsor es-shims/Object.getPrototypeOf. An ES5 mostly-spec-compliant `Object.getPrototypeOf` sham/polyfill/replacement that works in as many engines as possible.
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Object.getPrototypeOf. Historically one JavaScript property that's seen a lot of use (mostly due to In the above code we use Object.getPrototypeOf(this) to tap in to the original, inherited, kick method.
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object.getprototypeof. 1.0.1 • Public • Published 16 days ago. An ES5 mostly-spec-compliant Object.getPrototypeOf sham/polyfill/replacement that works in as many engines as possible...
The Object getPrototypeOf() method
The Object getPrototypeOf() method. Find out all about the JavaScript getPrototypeOf() method of the Object object.
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The getPrototypeOf() is an inbuilt function in JavaScript which is used to check the prototype of an object that the user has created. Most of the times, It is used to check whether two objects have the...
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The Object.getPrototypeOf() method returns the prototype (i.e. the value of the internal [[Prototype]] property) of the specified object. Object.getPrototypeOf(). In This Article.
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getPrototypeOf method must return an object or null. If target is not extensible, Object.getPrototypeOf(proxy) method must return the same value as Object.getPrototypeOf(target).
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Object.getPrototypeOf(obj) - returns the [[Prototype]] of obj. Later, in the year 2015, Object.setPrototypeOf and Object.getPrototypeOf were added to the standard, to perform the same...
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My question is: why is this an issue if this.__proto__ or Object.getPrototypeOf(this) returns the prototype which is exactly the same as super? Lets say you have code like this
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JavaScript is a prototype-based language, meaning object properties and methods can be shared through generalized objects that have the ability to be cloned and extended.