OctaWorm Deformable Octahedron Burrowing Robot - YouTube
OctaWorm is a deformable octahedron burrowing robot. The video shows the potential of the octahedral robotic platform for burrowing inside confined spaces...
This video shows recent results on the development of a deformable robot which is capable of traveling inside confined spaces such as pipelines.
DIY 3D Printing: OctaWorm Octahedron Robot
OctaWorm is a deformable octahedron burrowing robot that is currently powered by air pressure. It is developed by Juan Cristobal Zagal and has many 3d printed parts. The design enables it to move in...
Octaworm pneu robot | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD
This is the pneumatic version of our OctaWorm robot. Octahedron based deformable robot. For further information please refer to: An article about the robot at 3D Print.com.
GitHub - FabLabUChile/octaworm
Contribute to FabLabUChile/octaworm development by creating an account on GitHub.
octaworm-pneumatic | Видео
Octaworm-pneumatic. OctaWorm-Pneumatic Подробнее. OctaWorm Deformable Octahedron Burrowing Robot Подробнее. Controlling a Pneumatic Cylinder Easily Подробнее.
VIDEO. OctaWorm : le robot qui rampait dans les... - Sciences et Avenir
Le robot Octaworm que leur équipe a mis au point se déplace par reptation en déformant son corps qui, comme son nom l'indique, est en forme d'octaèdre. La conception de la machine est relativement...
The 3D Printed OctaWorm Robot Can Go Where No Other Robot Can...
The OctaWorm that you see in the video is the third prototype of the deformable robot, and it has gone through a lot of changes since Zagal and his team's first attempt. The first two iterations of OctaWorm...
OctaWorm A new Deformable Octahedron Burrowin Robot | Forum
Hello! I just want to share this new deformable octahedron robot. The robot is able to travel inside confined spaces by exploiting different forms of deformation. Cheers
OctaWorm Deformable Octahedron Burrowing Robot - video dailymotion
Milford Frantz. Follow. 5 years ago|19 views. OctaWorm Deformable Octahedron Burrowing Robot. Report.
OctaWorm: A Deformable Octahedron Burrowing Robot | Forum
This is a new type of deformable robot that can travel inside cavities such as pipes and even soft structures. It shows a potential for applications in medicine. In the...
OctaWorm-Pneumatic | Robot, Cool tech, Prints
OctaWorm-Pneumatic. This video shows recent results on the development of a deformable robot which is capable of traveling inside confined spaces such as pipelines.
OctaWorm Weird future - Coub
Nikolaenko Anton. OctaWorm-Pneumatic. Wow robotics robot arduino pneumatics inpipe robot.
Octaworm | Let's Make Robots!
by nhbill. Visit Octaworm. By nhbill June 25, 2014. Octaworm. Interesting way to move in pipes etc.