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001. О Толоке - Ольга Мегорская, Артем Григорьев - YouTube
Y-DATA Tel Aviv #14 - Olga Megorskaya: Crowdsourcing for ML (Toloka).
TAFF - WIS Delft - Olga Megorskaya
Olga Megorskaya. Yandex.Toloka. Date: 15 February 2021. Time: 16:00 (CET). Speaker Biography: Olga is responsible for providing human-labeled data for all AI projects at Yandex.
Olga Megorskaya - People
Olga Megorskaya. Head of TolokaYandex. Olga is responsible for providing human-labeled data for all AI projects at Yandex. She is also in charge of implementing crowd-based human-in-the-loop...
Olga Megorskaya « AIST2018
Olga Megorskaya. Yandex, Head of Human Intelligence. Specifically, Olga works with Toloka crowdsourcing platform, search quality assessors, business directory data production and others.
Olga Megorskaya, 34 years, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Olga Megorskaya, 34 years, Date of birth: 5 june 1986, (05.06.1986), from city Saint Petersburg, Russia. Olga Megorskaya. Profile status: Full name
Megorskaya Olga - сотрудник | ИСТИНА - Интеллектуальная...
Megorskaya Olga. Соавторы: Fedorova V., Zerminova E., Друца А.В., Baidakova D., Ustalov D., Farafonova V., Zhilinskaya O. 2 статьи, 4 доклада на конференциях, 1 тезисы доклада.
Olga Megorskaya - ACM SIGCHI
Olga Megorskaya. « All Events. This event has passed. Olga helped Yandex to grow the number of crowd performers involved in data labeling from several dozens in 2009 up to 2.2M in 2019.
Ольга Мегорская, Россия, Санкт-Петербург
megorskaya. аккаунт не найден.
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Olga Megorskaya. Names. How do you usually write your name as author of a paper? Also add any other names you have authored papers under. Olga Megorskaya. Suggest Name.
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Olga Megorskaya. Olga Megorskaya authored at least 4 papers between 2015 and 2020. Dijkstra number of five.
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Olga Megorskaya. Publications4. h-index. A. Drutsa, V. Fedorova, Dmitry Ustalov, Olga Megorskaya, Evfrosiniya Zerminova, Daria Baidakova.
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Read Olga Megorskaya's latest research, browse their coauthor's research, and play around with their algorithms. Olga Megorskaya. is this you? claim profile. 0 followers.
Ольга Мегорская, 05.06.1986, Санкт-Петербург | Фото, друзья, лайки
Megorskaya Olga - сотрудник | ИСТИНА - Интеллектуальная...
Megorskaya Olga. Соавторы: Farafonova V., Fedorova V., Zerminova E., Zhilinskaya O., Друца А.В. 1 статья, 1 доклад на конференции.