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Current Stable PHP 7.4.16 (Changelog). php-7.4.16.tar.gz (sig) [16,200Kb] 04 Mar 2021 GPG Keys. The releases are tagged and signed in the PHP Git Repository.
PHP: PHP 7 ChangeLog
Fixed bug #79434 (PHP 7.3 and PHP-7.4 crash with NULL-pointer dereference on !CS constant). Fixed bug #79477 (casting object into array creates references). Fixed bug #79470 (PHP incompatible with...
PHP 7 - Introduction - Tutorialspoint
PHP 7 - Introduction - PHP 7 is a major release of PHP programming language and is touted to be a revolution in the way web applications can be developed and delivered for mobile to e.
PHP - Wikipedia
PHP is a general-purpose scripting language especially suited to web development. It was originally created by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.
PHP 7 — Getting Started and OOP Improvements
PHP 7 was the much awaited after PHP 5. PHP 7.4 is the final minor version release of PHP 7. In addition to providing several new features, PHP 7.x is faster and cloud-ready. PHP 7.2 added...
PHP 7: 10 Things You Need to Know - Hongkiat
PHP 7 will change this as it introduces consistent 64-bit support which means both native 64-bit 10. Cleans Up The Room. The goal of PHP 7 was to free up the space to enable improvement, so it was...
PHP 7 features & improvements
PHP 7 features and improvements. Hurray! PHP 7 is finally out there and to celebrate the release, I created a video that highlights a couple of interesting PHP 7 features.