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PADS® Downloads and Evaluations. PADS Analog/Mixed-Signal. PADS AMS Cloud. The PADS Professional Layout Browser allows the user to load a PADS Professional project and view the layout...
Pads - definition of pads by The Free Dictionary
Define pads. pads synonyms, pads pronunciation, pads translation, English dictionary definition of pads. n. 1. a. A thin, cushionlike mass of soft material used to fill, to give shape, or to protect against...
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PADS4 is a powerful all-in-one digital signage platform. Transform data sources into smart and versatile signage, including passenger information, wayfinding, corporate communication and advertising.
Pads and capabilities
Pads. A pad type is defined by two properties: its direction and its availability. As we've mentioned before, GStreamer defines two pad directions: source pads and sink pads.
Urban Dictionary: pad
Let's go back to my pad for some action." Oh god! Jennifer you smell like a diaper! Go change your pad.
pad - Wiktionary
1554, "bundle of straw to lie on", probably from Low German or West Flemish pad ("sole of the foot"). pad (plural pads). A flattened mass of anything soft, to sit or lie on. A cushion used as a saddle without a tree or frame. A soft, or small, cushion.