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Perl is a family of two high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming languages. "Perl" refers to Perl 5, but from 2000 to 2019 it also referred to its redesigned "sister language"... - programming news, code and culture
The Hijacking of perl-internals. garbage-collection. tracing.
Perl Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 1 Day
PERL is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Perl is a term stands for "Practical Extraction and Reporting Language" even though there is no acronym for Perl.
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Perl Tutorial 1 - Active Perl, Perl Editor, Hello World. Perl Video Tutorial - Part 1 - Installing ActivePerl 5.8.8.
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Perl Tutorial - Perl is a programming language developed by Larry Wall, especially designed for text processing. It stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language.
Perl Tutorial
This Perl tutorial teaches you Perl programming language from the scratch with practical examples. Powerful, stable, portable, and mature, Perl is one of the most feature-rich programming languages...
The Perl Programming Language. Want to learn Perl? Asking at PerlMonks or Stack Overflow may give faster assistance. Keep up to date with Perl news by subscribing to Perl Weekly.
GitHub - Perl/perl5: 🐫The Perl language interpreter.
Contribute to Perl/perl5 development by creating an account on GitHub.
Perl Tutorial - Learn Perl With Examples - GeeksforGeeks
Perl is a general-purpose, high level interpreted and dynamic programming language. In present Perl is popular for its ability to handling the Regex(Regular Expressions).
Perl tutorial
Free Perl Tutorial for people who need to maintain existing Perl code, for people who use Perl for small scripts, and for Perl application development.
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Perl is a procedural, high-level, general-purpose, dynamic programming language, known for its native support of regular expressions and string Please use this tag for questions about Perl in general.
"Perl for Newbies" - Part 2 - The Perl Beginners' Site
"Perl for Perl Newbies" - Part 2 → The for Loop. The for loop has another syntax which can be used to encapsulate while-like loops in a more compact way, which also has some advantages.
Download & Install Perl | ActiveState
Download Perl 5.28 and 5.26 from ActiveState & get precompiled Perl distribution. ActivePerl's Community Edition is free for development use.
Learn Perl in 1 Hour
Learn Perl in 1 Hour. By Xah Lee. Date: 2013-01-15. Last updated: 2015-11-15. This is a basic Perl tutorial. The goal is to get a quick working understanding of the language.