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запрос м.р. (query 1). свернуть. Спряжение query [ˈkwɪərɪ]Глагол.
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In general, a query is a form of questioning, in a line of inquiry. Query may also refer to: Query, a precise request for information retrieval with database and information systems. Query language, a computer language used to make queries into databases and information systems.
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Query definition: A query is a question, especially one that you ask an organization, publication , or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Define query. query synonyms, query pronunciation, query translation, English dictionary definition of query. n. pl. que·ries 1. A question; an inquiry. 2. A doubt in the mind; a mental reservation.
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Query definition, a question; an inquiry. See more. to ask or inquire about: No one queried his presence. to question as doubtful or obscure: to query a statement.
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Examples of query in a Sentence. Noun I have a query about my order. Verb They conducted a survey in which several hundred people were queried about their dietary habits. it seems odd that...
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query meaning, definition, what is query: a question that you ask to get informati... One of the students raised a query about the marking system.• Menlo angrily replied to a query from a reporter.•
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Query is another word for question. In fact, outside of computing terminology, the words Another common type of query is a database query. Databases store data in a structured format, which can...
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What does query mean? To query is to ask about something. (verb) An example of to query is for a police officer to question someone after he i...
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What does Query mean? A query is a request for data or information from a database table or combination of tables. This data may be generated as results returned by Structured Query Language...
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Database Query Explained. In regular English, a query means a request for information. What is a query in computer programming then? Simple, it's the same - except the information is retrieved from...
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'His second query concerned the request from residents 'Those who have a query, are seeking information or wish to register a complaint and are unsure whom to contact, may call the North West'.