Hardening ELF binaries using Relocation Read-Only (RELRO)
RELRO. To prevent the above mentioned security weakness, we need to ensure that the linker resolves all It's also possible to compile with partial RELRO, which can be achieved by using the "-z,relro"...
Relocation Read-Only (RELRO) - CTF 101
Full RELRO¶. Full RELRO makes the entire GOT read-only which removes the ability to perform a "GOT overwrite" attack, where the GOT address of a function is overwritten with the location of...
RELRO - A (not so well known) Memory Corruption Mitigation Technique
RELRO is a generic mitigation technique to harden the data sections of an ELF binary/process. Only full RELRO mitigates the well known technique of modifying a GOT entry to get control over the...
RELRO: RELocation Read-Only - OSIRIS Lab at NYU Tandon
RELRO: RELocation Read-Only. Jun 2, 2011 - HockeyInJune 7 minute read. This article describes ELF relocation sections, how to abuse them for arbitrary code execution, and how to protect them at runtime.
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