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In computer science, a readers-writer (single-writer lock, a multi-reader lock, a push lock, or an MRSW lock) is a synchronization primitive that solves one of the readers-writers problems. An RW lock allows concurrent access for read-only operations, while write operations require exclusive access.
Using Read-Write Locks (Multithreaded Programming Guide)
pthread_rwlock_trywrlock(3THR) applies a write lock like pthread_rwlock_wrlock(), with the exception that the function fails if (For Solaris threads, see "rw_trywrlock(3THR)".) Results are undefined if...
GitHub - neosmart/RWLock: Lightweight read-write locks for thread...
Unlike pthread_rwlock_t and SRW Locks, RWLock can also be used for interprocess RWLock comes in four distinct flavors, each with different features and different performance characteristics.
c++ - A RW lock for c++11 threads - Stack Overflow
A RW lock for c++11 threads [duplicate]. Ask Question. Could I reduce my lock contention by switching to a finer-grain locking scheme? Are you using a single lock to protect multiple objects?
pthread_rwlock_rdlock(3) - Linux man page
The pthread_rwlock_rdlock() function shall apply a read lock to the read-write lock referenced by rwlock. The calling thread acquires the read lock if a writer does not hold the lock and there are no...
A more efficient writer-preferring RW lock
Reader-writer locks (RW locks from here on) were created from the observation that multiple threads can read shared data concurrently, as long as no one is modifying that data while it's being read.
rw_wlock(struct rwlock *rw). Lock rw as a writer. If there are any shared owners of the lock rw_try_rlock(struct rwlock *rw). Try to lock rw as a reader. This function will return true if.
NDIS_RW_LOCK (ndis.h) - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs
The NDIS_RW_LOCK structure defines the attributes of a read/write lock. This structure is opaque to NDIS drivers and is reserved for NDIS.
C++ (Cpp) rw_lock_init примеры использования - HotExamples
Метод/Функция: rw_lock_init. Примеров на 21. add to global OS hash */ lock_acquire(&hype_mutex); newOS->os_hashentry.he_key = newOS->po_lpid; ht_insert(&os_hash...
multithreading - C++ upgradable RW lock implementation - Code...
Used as a synchronization mutex for upgrade_lock class upgrade_mutex {. We need synchronization event as a barrier that will be set by the owner of shared lock once it needs upgrade.
Lock types and their rules — The Linux Kernel documentation
rw_semaphore is a multiple readers and single writer lock mechanism. rw_semaphore complies by default with the strict owner semantics, but there exist special-purpose interfaces that allow non-owner...
RWLock (glib.RWLock.RWLock)
Otherwise, you should call g_rw_lock_init() on it and g_rw_lock_clear() when done. A GRWLock should only be accessed with the g_rw_lock_ functions.
MySQL: rw_lock_t Struct Reference
rw_lock_t Struct Reference. The structure used in the spin lock implementation of a read-write lock. rw_lock_t is not a copyable object, the reasoning behind this is the same as the reasoning behind...
Spinlocks and Read-Write Locks
Locks are primitives that provide mutual exclusion that allow data structures to remain in consistent states. Without locking, multiple threads of execution may simultaneously modify a data structure.
Lockless programming with atomics in C++ 11 vs. mutex and RW-locks
ArangoDB is multithreaded and able to use several CPU-cores at once. Because of that access to common data structures to these threads have to be protected from concurrent access.
Writing a portable lock-free reader/writer lock | yizhang82's blog
A portable C++ reader/writer lock implementation without using locks. It is sort of puzzling for me why C++ standard doesn't have a implementation of reader/writer lock.
c++-gtk-utils: rw_lock.h File Reference
rw_lock.h File Reference. Provides wrapper class for pthread read-write locks, and scoped locking classes for exception safe locking of read-write locks.
man rw_wlock (9): kernel reader/writer lock
Fn rw_rlock struct rwlock *rw. Lock Fa rw as a reader. If any thread holds this lock exclusively, the current thread blocks, and its priority is propagated to the exclusive holder.
Java 8: StampedLocks vs. ReadWriteLocks and Synchronized
RW lock is now an order of magnitude slower than stamped and synchronized locks, which perform at the same level. Notice that optimistic locking surprisingly is still slower stamped RW locking.
Java 8 Concurrency Tutorial: Synchronization and Locks
Locks support various methods for finer grained lock control thus are more expressive than implicit monitors. Multiple lock implementations are available in the standard JDK which will be demonstrated...
Threads: GLib Reference Manual
Obtain a write lock on rw_lock and return a new GRWLockWriterLocker. Using g_rw_lock_writer_unlock() on rw_lock while a GRWLockWriterLocker exists can lead to undefined...
CppCommon: include/threads/rw_lock.h Source File
Acquire read lock with block. Definition: rw_lock.cpp:194. CppCommon::RWLock::TryLockWriteUntil. bool TryLockWriteUntil(const UtcTimestamp &timestamp).
rw_lock.ReadWriteLock Example
Here are the examples of the python api rw_lock.ReadWriteLock taken from open source projects. By voting up you can indicate which examples are most useful and appropriate.
lck_rw_lock | Apple Developer Documentation
lck_rw_lock. No overview available. Availability.
RVLock Keyless Handles - RVLock & CO, LLC
RVLock Handle, Remote, 2 keys and Installation Hardware FITS FIFTH WHEEL, TRAVEL TRAILERS & CAMPERS (Keypad integrated into handle)...
Guide to java.util.concurrent.Locks | Baeldung
If you have a few years of experience in the Java ecosystem, and you're interested in sharing that experience with the community (and getting paid for your work of course)...