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"Roskomnadzor continues to block telegram: disconnected the servers of VTB Bank and the official Thanks, Roskomnadzor (eat shit pls). But I brought some art and i guess it's the best thing i did this...
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Roskomnadzor. Rokomnadzor is a federal executive body responsible for overseeing the media. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation.
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Russian Роскомнадзо́р (Roskomnadzór). Roskomnadzor. The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media: a Russian federal executive body responsible for censorship in media and telecommunications.
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Roskomnadzor blocked itself. There are reports of a powerful DDoS attack on their site Roskomnadzor's self-own is so thorough that at some point they accidentally blocked @Ruptly, a...
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Roskomnadzor wants to fine it for the fact that the search engine is not connected to the monitoring system of blocked sites in Russia. Previously it was known about the objections of Roskomnadzor.
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