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seccomp (short for secure computing mode) is a computer security facility in the Linux kernel. seccomp allows a process to make a one-way transition into a "secure" state where it cannot make any system calls except exit(), sigreturn(), read() and write() to already-open file descriptors.
GitHub - seccomp/libseccomp: The main libseccomp repository
The main libseccomp repository. Contribute to seccomp/libseccomp development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Note : seccomp profiles require seccomp 2.2.1 which is not available on Ubuntu 14.04, Debian Wheezy To use seccomp on these distributions, you must download the latest static Linux binaries...
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Seccomp BPF (SECure COMPuting with filters)¶. Introduction¶. A large number of system calls are exposed to every userland process with many of them going unused for the entire lifetime of the...
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Seccomp stands for secure computing mode. It's a simple sandboxing tool in the Linux kernel, available since Linux version 2.6.12. When enabling seccomp, the process enters a "secure mode" where a very small number of system calls are available (exit(), read(), write(), sigreturn()).
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(seccomp) state of the calling process. Currently, Linux supports the following operation values configured with CONFIG_SECCOMP enabled. The value of flags must be 0, and args must be NULL.
Security Lab: Seccomp
Lab: Seccomp. Difficulty: Advanced. Time: Approximately 20 minutes. Seccomp is a sandboxing facility in the Linux kernel that acts like a firewall for system calls (syscalls).
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#include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <linux/seccomp.h> #include <sys/prctl.h> int main () { pid_t pid; printf("Step 1: no restrictions yet\n"); prctl (PR_SET_SECCOMP, SECCOMP_MODE_STRICT); printf...
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'SecComp' is an abbreviation for Secure Computing Mode, a facility built into modern Linux kernels that can be used to constrain (irreversibly) what a program is allowed to do.
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Download Seccomp Library for free. The libseccomp library provides an easy to use, platform independent, interface to the Linux Kernel's syscall filtering mechanism: seccomp.
Seccomp and Seccomp-BPF | Alex Chapman's Blog
This post delves into the details of seccomp and seccomp-BPF, how they are implemented and how developers can configure them. Seccomp and Seccomp-BPF are used to limit the system calls...
Restrict a Container's Syscalls with Seccomp | Kubernetes
Seccomp stands for secure computing mode and has been a feature of the Linux kernel since Kubernetes lets you automatically apply seccomp profiles loaded onto a Node to your Pods and...
A seccomp overview []
Seccomp is a topic that has come up fairly frequently here at LWN, but we have mostly looked at the development process of the feature, while Kerrisk provided a nice overview and some ideas about...
Improving Linux container security with seccomp | Enable Sysadmin
Among other things, we talked about seccomp , a widely-used security feature of Linux. One threat model seccomp protects against is the damage a malicious process can do.
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Seccomp restricts the system calls that a process can issue. Specifically Filebeat can load a seccomp BPF filter at process start-up that drops the privileges to invoke specific system calls.
Restricting Application Capabilities Using Seccomp
Configuring OpenShift Container Platform for Seccomp.<container_name>: container-specific profile override.
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seccomp stands for secure computing mode. This is a kernel side implementation of process sandboxing. Process can swith to secure mode using prctl() system call with option PR_SET_SECCOMP set to 1. In all versions of seccomp this is a one-way transition...
Seccomp isolators
Linux seccomp (short for SECure COMputing) filtering allows one to specify which system calls a process should be allowed to invoke, reducing the kernel surface exposed to applications.
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seccomp-bpf is an extension to seccomp [7] that allows filtering of system calls using a configurable policy implemented using Berkeley Packet Filter rules. It is used by OpenSSH and vsftpd as well as...
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seccomp-bpf is an extension to seccomp[7] that allows filtering of seccomp was first devised by Andrea Arcangeli in January 2005 for use in public grid computing and was originally intended as a...
Overview and Recent Developments: seccomp and Small Linux...
Overview and Recent Developments: seccomp and Small Linux Security Modules - Kees Cook, Google This will give a crash course in the history and usage of...
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seccomp (short for secure computing mode) is a computer security facility that provides an application sandboxing mechanism in the Linux kernel; it was merged into the Linux kernel mainline in kernel version 2.6.12, which was released on March 8...