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The Parker Solar Probe (abbreviated PSP; previously Solar Probe, Solar Probe Plus or Solar Probe+) is a NASA Space Probe launched in 2018 with the mission of making observations of the outer corona of the Sun.
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Original Solar Probe Plus website.
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Figure 10: Block diagram of the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft...
The Solar Probe Plus mission is part of NASA's LWS (Living With a Star) Program. The program is designed to understand aspects of the sun and Earth's space environment that affect life and society.
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Solar Probe Plus or Solar Probe+, previously NASA Solar Probe, is a planned robotic spacecraft to probe the outer corona of the Sun. It will approach to within 8.5 solar radii (0.034 astronomical units or 5.9 million kilometers or 3.67 million miles, roughly 1/8 of the perihelion of Mercury) to the 'surface'...
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Parker Solar Probe (previously Solar Probe, Solar Probe Plus, or Solar Probe+, abbreviated PSP) [9] is a NASA robotic spacecraft launched in 2018, with the mission of repeatedly probing and making...
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The Solar Probe Plus mission, scheduled to launch in 2018, will go to the Sun within 10 solar radii (R S) from the center of the Sun for the first time.
NASA breaks solar system speed record with Parker Solar Probe
NASA's Parker Solar Probe just smashed the record for the fastest human-made object — but it's While the car-size Parker Solar Probe breaks humanity's speed record, it's also surviving some of the...
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Originally known as Solar Probe+ (pronounced Solar Probe Plus), the Parker Solar Probe seeks to solve two outstanding mysteries of the sun's atmosphere. The first involves the corona...
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Originally named Solar Probe (before 2002) and then Solar Probe Plus ( 2011-17), but renamed Parker Solar Probe (May 2017) in honour of University of Chicago scientist Eugene Parker (b. 1927)...
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Parker Solar Probe will be a historic mission, flying into the Sun's atmosphere (or corona) for the Launching in 2018, Parker Solar Probe will fly through the corona, closer to the sun's surface than...
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NASA's Solar Probe Plus, set for a 2018 launch, is designed to enter the Sun's outer atmosphere--its corona. This is where the solar wind and massive Coronal Mass Ejections occur.
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Solar Probe ( also Solar Probe Plus) is a planned spacecraft NASA to study the Sun, especially its outermost layer of the atmosphere, the corona. You should answer two unresolved issues
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NASA's Parker Solar Probe will explore the sun's atmosphere in a mission that launched early Sunday. This is an artist's concept of the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft approaching the sun.
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Parker Solar Probe (previously Solar Probe, Solar Probe Plus, or Solar Probe+, abbreviated PSP[5]) is a planned NASA robotic spacecraft to probe the outer corona of the Sun.[6][7] It will approach to...