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Метод/Функция: SysConst. Примеров на hotexamples.com: 9. DbgLog(DL3, "IsValidProcessEntry: PID %d was not found in the process table (kill() returned %s)", pid, SysConst(Err) )
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Has anyone seen a live infected SysConst.pas file, and could provide with some sample code that shouldn't be in there? So that we can run through the machines and ensure that we don't have a...
SysConst.hpp создание нового проекта и перетаскивание форм
C++ Error] SysConst.hpp(22): E2316 'ResourceString' is not a member of 'System' [C++ Error] SysConst.hpp(22): E2040 Declaration terminated incorrectly [C++ Error] SysConst.hpp(24): E2316 'ResourceString' is not a member of 'System'...
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implementation. uses. sysconst, windirs
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Moved to SysConst unit. SysConst Unit Edit.
Индюк (Induc) - EvilCoder
Индюк — вирус заражающий SysConst.pas — константу Delphi, внедряя туда свой код. До индюка имел название: «Indcu». Статья написана опираясь на Delphi-7.
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comconst.pas corbcnst.pas (до Delphi 7 включительно) midconst.pas scktcnst.pas sysconst.pas. Delphi 5 и выше. adoconst.pas brkrconst.pas ibxconst.pas mxdconst.pas qr3const.pas wbmconst.pas.
Reference for unit 'sysutils'
sysconst, Resource strings. unixtype
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SysConst.pas (original). a guest.
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Вы искали: sysconst.dcu (Итальянский - Русский). API вызова.
Virus:Win32/Induc.A threat description - Microsoft Security Intelligence
Virus:Win32/Induc.A copies source\rtl\sys\SysConst.pas (Delphi library source file), in the found Delphi root directory to lib\SysConst.pas. Then it appends malicious source code to the copied file.
Developer vs Cracker: косвенная адресация — «Хакер»
...text G=(none) M=Windows ACBP=A9 0001:000058B8 00000038 C=CODE S=.text G=(none) M=Messages ACBP=A9 0001:000058F0 00000310 C=CODE S=.text G=(none) M=SysConst ACBP...