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The second part of the document presents the draft text for the appendix of the CES Recommendations dedicated to the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics.
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The second part of this recommendation is accepted regarding the implementation of the rights of persons belonging to all minorities. The second part of the report reviews the main internal and external factors that will determine the region's economic performance in 2014.
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Many translated example sentences containing "second part" - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations. This was the case for the second part of the Draft Articles on [...] the Injurious Consequences of Acts Not Prohibited by International.
of the second part
of the second part: 10 фраз в 5 тематиках.
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The second part, alleging the failure to classify the payment facilities for the licence as State aid. During the second part of its fortieth session, the Committee completed its consideration of this programme.
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The Third Part of the Pilgrim's Progress — Infobox Book | name = The Pilgrim s Progress: The Third Part title orig = translator = image caption = 1761 title The Second City logo by Chicago calligrapher John Weber The Second City is a improvisational comedy enterprise which originated in Chicago s...
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We then have the century divided into two parts, that are not halves. If we literally mean the second 50 years (or some approximation thereof), then second half The sentence you've presented is confusing two ways of expressing time. The phrase, "second half of the XX century" (likewise, "second part of...
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Part the Second is maudlin of the Well's fourth album and, as of 2020, the band's latest album. It was funded by donations from fans, and released for free on the internet in three formats, including a FLAC-encoded 24-bit version.
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This episode was filmed on the same set as The First Part of Henry the Sixth (1983). The two leads (Peter Benson as King Henry and Julia Foster as Queen Margaret) are intolerable. Benson has some excuse, since playing a weak and useless king (who was in fact insane) makes it difficult to avoid...
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"Second Part" is the first single off Motorama's fifth album, Many Nights. It was released along with a music video. [Chorus] Few days and many nights Of the second part of life Another place, another time It came like a tide. [Verse 2] I woke up at night and walked Life was flowing around me very slow...
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There is no 'first part' and 'second part' of a 2-dimensional array. There are i rows and j columns in an array declared x[j][i]. Now for the technical side So what is the "second part" here? Are you trying to copy a "column" from one array to the other? If so, just remember: there are no columns.
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Home > Summa Theologiae > Second Part of the Second Part. Now moral matters can be considered in particular from two points of view. First, from the point of view of the moral matter itself, for instance by considering a particular virtue or a particular vice.
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The part of a story that is considered to be an exposition is the part of the story that provides important information about the main setting of the story, as in where the story takes place. When they speak in second person, they make the reader feel like part of the story.
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Cervantes introduces the Second Part, the account of the third expedition of Don Quixote, by railing against an author who has published a false sequel to the First Part of Don Quixote. Cervantes suggests that if readers run into that author, they should tell him a story about a man who, using a...
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party of the second part (plural parties of the second part). (law, archaic) The party to a legal dispute against whom a complaint was initially raised in a court. (law, archaic) The second party named in a contract, generally the party to whom a duty is initially owed...
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The Second Part. 281 likes. Fort d'une expérience de plus 10 années dans l'entraînement fonctionnel. Nous vous proposons une approche unique de la... Today we offer you to test the WOD of the day @the_second_part_program! . . HAMSTRINGS BURNER. . Feel free to contact us to...
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the first part tells us where the second part is, for example OO car door. Unit 29; Part B. If the compound word is not a noun, we often put stress on the second part too. Listen to these examples. OO OOo OoO. first class, half price, hand made bad-tempered, old-fashioned, short-sighted overnight...
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Part two refers to the second part of Path of Exile's storyline. In part two, the exile returns to familiar places in Wraeclast after having awoken the gods in Act 5. Introduced in The Fall of Oriath expansion, these acts take place in the same regions as their part one counterparts...
On the Second Part of the Psalm.
It is a main part of knowledge to join thyself to Him who hath knowledge. He hath the eyes of knowledge: have thou the eyes of a believing mind. 2. "The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright heart" (ver.14).
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⬇ Download vector images of Second part on Depositphotos ✔ Vector stock with millions of royalty-free illustrations at affordable prices. Second part Stock Vectors, Royalty-free Second part Illustrations.
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Read the first part of the text again and answer the following questions.