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TraceMonkey adds native‐code compilation to Mozilla's JavaScript® engine (known as "SpiderMonkey"). It is based on a technique developed at UC Irvine called "trace trees", and building on code and ideas shared with the Tamarin Tracing project.
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TraceMonkey[8] was the first JIT compiler written for the JavaScript language. Improvements to JägerMonkey eventually made TraceMonkey obsolete, especially with the development of the...
Why TraceMonkey is Going to Blow Your Web Browsing Mind
What is TraceMonkey? The answer to that question that everyone can understand is, "It's the new And here's TraceMonkey pitted against Google Chrome's much-touted V8 JavaScript engine, run by...
John Resig - TraceMonkey
TraceMonkey. I've been waiting to blog about this for a long time now. Code-named TraceMonkey this engine utilizes a techniques, called trace trees (PDF), which adds just-in-time native code...
Tracemonkey in Minefield - YouTube
Tracemonkey performance vs Spidermonkey (aka old-engine-javascript) in Firefox 3.1 nightlies.
javascript - How to detect TraceMonkey? - Stack Overflow
Is it possible to detect that a Firefox browser is running the TraceMonkey JavaScript interpreter?
TraceMonkey: JavaScript Lightspeed - Brendan Eich
TraceMonkey advances us toward the Mozilla 2 future where even more Firefox code is written in Beyond what TraceMonkey means for Firefox and other Mozilla projects, it heralds the JavaScript...
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Today I encountered with a term TraceMonkey and wondered what it means. Tracemonkey was first introduced with the Alpha Version of Firefox 3.1 beta version but was not totally bug free.
Download TraceMonkey And Turn It On In Firefox
The program TraceMonkey (also known as just-in-time compiler), is intended to focus only on the By default the TraceMonkey feature is turned off in Firefox 3.1 because it is not bug-free completely.