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Union commonly refers to: Trade union, an organization of workers. Union (set theory), in mathematics, a fundamental operation on sets.
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Перевод слова union, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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union [ˈju:njən]Существительное. union / unions.
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Define union. union synonyms, union pronunciation, union translation, English dictionary definition of union. A township of northeast New Jersey west of New York City; settled c. 1749 by colonists from...
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From Middle English unyoun, from Old French union, from Late Latin ūniō, ūniōnem ("oneness, unity"), from Latin ūnus ("one"). IPA(key): /ˈjuːnjən/. union (countable and uncountable, plural unions). (countable) The act of uniting or joining two or more things into one. (countable)...
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Union definition is - an act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one: such as. (2) capitalized : the federal union of states during the period of the American Civil War.
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UNION ALL Syntax. The UNION operator selects only distinct values by default. SQL UNION ALL Example. The following SQL statement returns the cities (duplicate values also) from both the...
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Union definition, the act of uniting two or more things. See more.
synonym study for union. 1. Union, unity agree in referring to a oneness, either created by putting A union is a state of being united, a combination, as the result of joining two or more things into one: to...
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/r/union is a subreddit about people working somewhere banding together to fight to improve their lives in a union. Organise your workplace today!.