GitHub - peaksandpies/universal-analytics: A node module for...
A node module for Google's Universal Analytics and Measurement Protocol. universal-analytics is installed and included like any other node module
Universal Analytics: Switching to the Next Version of Google Analytics
Back in October 2012, Google announced Universal Analytics as the next version of Google Analytics. The tracking code has been overhauled completely, and there are plenty of...
What is Universal Analytics? | BigCommerce
Universal Analytics is a version of Google Analytics that set a new standard for how user data is collected and organized. However, Universal Analytics is the only officially supported version today.
Complete Guide To Universal Analytics - Should You Upgrade?
Now that Universal Analytics has been around for some time, many people are considering making the switch. It just has so much more to offer than the soon-to-be-legacy Google Analytics installation.
Universal analytics vs Google Analytics - Important Differences
Universal Analytics is an updated version of Google Analytics that has completely transformed the manner in which data and information about website traffic is collected.
Difference between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics
Are you confused about the difference between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics? Or maybe you're having a hard time explaining the difference to your customer/coworker?
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Migrating your website from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics is a 6 step process as outlined below: Step-1: Understand the implications of migration to Universal Analytics.
Google Universal Analytics tool
Google Universal Analytics is configured as a tool in the Dynamic Tag Management interface. Enable support for Google Universal Analytics Premium features. Enables the max dimensions and...
through Google Analytics the popularity of a certain celebrity.
Universal Analytics: Understanding The Value Of User-ID
Universal Analytics is Google Analytics. This means that all new features will be developed for Universal Analytics. If you love cool new features you'll want to upgrade.
25 Differences: Google Analytics App + Web vs Universal Analytics
Where Universal Analytics only accounts for page views and screen views, you will find that Google Analytics App + Web offers many more possibilities. In addition to page and screen views...