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VSP stands for Virtualization Service Provider and VSC stands for Virtualization Service Clients. We're going to limit our discussion in this article to Hyper-V's Integration Services components.
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I have installed Server 2003 R2 x64 and Vista Business x64 as 2 virtual machines on Hyper V. I'm looking for the VSP/VSC drivers for these 2 OS...
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The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is the industry leading network automation platform enabling a complete range of SDN, SD-WAN, and cloud solutions.
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We will also describe Hyper-V VMBUS and VSP/VSC design, and explain how it improves the communication between Virtual Machines and Hyper-V Parent Partition.
Inside Microsoft's Network and Storage VSP/VSC
...VSP Network VSC Virtual Switch Virtual Machine NIC VMBus Physical NIC NDIS Interaction With Wrap-up Switch Configuration Per port Monitor mode VLAN ID Bandwidth controls Per switch Switch...
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VMBUS and VSP/VSC components are part of the Integration Services which help in improving the Integration Components provide VMBUS and VSP/VSC design to improve the performance of virtual...
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There are 4 VSP & VSC components: Network, Video, HID and Storage. As you probably guessed we're interested in the storage VSP & VSC (storVSP.sys & storvsc.sys) for the discussion at hand.
NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for VMware - Introduction
This is an introduction video for customers interested in NetApp's VMware storage plugin for the vSphere client.
A Quick Look at Hyper-V Technology for Virtualization
VSP in parent partitions is used for handling device access requests from child partitions, whereas VSC in child partitions can redirect device requests to VSPs in the parent partition by the means of VMBus.
What is VSP/VSC/VMBus in Windows Server Virtualization?
Virtualization Service Client (VSC): VSC runs in the child partitions and presents the virtual device to each child partition. For a given VSC there would be a corresponding VSP in the parent partition.
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VSC/VSP Series 10W to 150W Single Output, 115VAC Input Features  Input transient protected  2 year www.us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/ 150 Disclaimer: us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/legal.htm VSC/VSP Series...
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With VSP, your vision care comes first. The VSP Global Premier Program now includes thousands of private practice doctors and over 700 Visionworks locations nationwide, making finding a doctor for...
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VSC (LSID or VSP) * Passcode * For help with your vehicle security credential please contact the NASTF Vehicle Security Professional help desk at 855-636-2783 or email...
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Parent partitions run a Virtualization Service Provider (VSP), which connects to the VMBus and Child partition virtual devices internally run a Virtualization Service Client (VSC), which redirect the request...
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Generic VSP/VSC VSP VSC VMBus. Virtual Switch NDIS Interaction With VSP Parent Partition NDIS Network VSP(NDIS IM Driver) Vendor-ProvidedPhysical NIC Driver(NDIS Miniport Driver) Physical NIC.
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